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Best Home security & Surveillance apps

With so many lock in the house along with a strong security arrangement you can go out for a job or business but there is little concern. This concern can be for the children and family members present in the house. There are apps which allow you to stay face-to-face with your home while you are at work. Without calling phone numbers, you can see their real time status by saving time. We are recommending you some apps that can keep you connected to home and family without spending huge amount on Surveillance System. That is, home security will now remove one touch from you …


Take an old phone and make it live streaming video device with the help of Wi-Fi. Prejance is a video camera app, which has a Surveillance feature. It can exchange video-audio between both (between your phone and the phone at home). One of the two connected devices in the app works as a monitor and a camera.

Activate the app, place the device kept in the house, where you have to keep updated from the situation. This app is also equipped with the Motion Detection feature, which will bring you information about any movement. In this way, you can stay away from home and family by staying away from audio and video. It is possible to use it for video calls too. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.


As you can guess by the name, it is possible to keep an eye on the house or any place with the help of this app. Instead of using two mobile phones, it will require a mobile and a PC. Install the app. Log on to PC with Then through your microphone and webcam your home will be connected to your mobile phone. Let it be said that it does not feature two-way communication such as the Prejense. In this you will find convenience only. However, there is a motion detection feature, which will update you at a different time. It is suggested that better experience can be taken from the Wi-Fi network.


Alfred is an Android security camera app, so it is possible to keep an eye on the security of the sitting house.

Experts believe that the interface of this app is such that user sign-ups and login do not entangle. Through this, you can switch a smartphone to a security camera. You may hardly find better use of older smartphones.

Salient Eye, Home Security Camera & Burglar Alarm

With the help of this app, an old phone can be changed to Surveillance system. You can also leave a home page by setting up a tablet. The specialty of the app is that it detects motion. Pictures are also recorded. Alerts you via e-mail. You can download it here

Make old smartphone as Free Home Security Camera

As has been mentioned in the name of this app completely. You can ensure the safety of the house and the shop by connecting your old phone with this app. That is, you will not need to spend money on expensive surveillance. It has been claimed that if you connect the phone to the internet better then high tech video streaming is possible from this app. The motion detection feature is also available in it.

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