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Top 10 Universities Offering Free Online Certificate Courses

Studying at the most prestigious universities in the world is always seen as a privilege which few can afford but not anymore.

Some of the most reputed universities are offers online free courses without paying anything for it.

Following are some of the universities

1. University of Oxford

According to the latest 1000 ranking of the best universities in the world, the University of Oxford, in the homonymous city of UK, ranks first.

In the highest positions in the list are only two countries: the United Kingdom and the United States, so if you want access to courses you should keep in mind that most of them are taught in English (although many have subtitles).

Top 10 Universities offering Free Online Certificate Courses 
Rankings Institution Country
1 Oxford University United Kingdom
2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
3 California Institute of Technology U.S
4 Stanford University U.S
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S
6 Harvard University U.S
7 Princeton University U.S
8 Imperial College London United Kingdom
9 University of Chicago U.S
10 University of Pennsylvania U.S

Oxford University offers several free online courses that can be accessed through podcasts, texts and videos. “There are thousands of high – quality materials for the benefit of international education , ” reads the section Open Collections (open collections) from the website of the school.

Here are some of them:

2. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University, also English, is the second in the list of the world’s best in the 2017 edition of THE.

These are some courses you can study online for free:

3. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The California Institute of Technology in the United States, better known as Caltech, is a specialized private science and technology center, located in the city of Pasadena.

“Our online educational programs aim to improve the way we educate future generations of scientists and engineers and show how our approach can make a difference”, the statement on its website. “The new online learning opportunities are available through Coursera and EDX , some educational technology platforms that offer college – level courses online to a global audience without any charge.”

Following are sample of some of their free programs:

4. Stanford University

When Apple founder Steve Jobs gave in 2011 his famous speech “Find what you love” at Stanford University, where he studied but never graduated, became even more known throughout the world the name of this prestigious university, I was always among the list of the world’s best.

This is a list of some of the courses offered by the institution through the Internet at no cost:

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The prestigious MIT, a private university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, also offers a number of classes completely free on the net.

Some of them are available in Spanish (were translated by Universia):

6. Harvard University

Here is a selection of which is on the platform edX :

7. Princeton University

Princeton University, located in Princeton, New Jersey, is the fourth oldest US and the best seventh in the world as THE.

Some of their online courses:

8. Imperial College London

In London, Imperial College has meanwhile with a series of online courses open to Internet users. They are focused on business studies:

9. University of Chicago

Ninth place in the list of top universities is occupied by the University of Chicago.

This is a sample free courses online:

10. University of Pennsylvania

A selection of online courses “for free” :


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