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5 Potential Dangers of Social Media Sites for Youngsters and Kids

These social sites have allowed users to exchange information, but at the same time these social sites have been exploited for nefarious activities. Social media sites like Facebook has more than 1500 Million users worldwide. There are various other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Let us look at some of the problems which youngsters and kids face when they are part of social media sites or social networking sites.

  1. Troll

Troll or Trolling means deliberately posting annoying messages either to hurt someone or cause trouble.

Mischievous elements are online on social media sites slamming girls who are healthy to someone who is disabled. These mischievous elements do not have any boundary when it comes to trolling.

British footballer Robbie Savage knew what it feels like to be on the receiving end and shared her case with the BBC.

“Social networking fascinated me. I gave a post , but accepted it since I knew it was the type of player I was.”. But a few years ago when his father died, it all became unbearable. It started getting more difficult to bear messages.

Savage accepted those that criticized him in the nets but came the moment when the comments crossed the line.

“One of the first tweets I received saying. ‘? Because your father rotted’ I do not understand how someone is at home and gets to write that kind of stuff.” .”He gave me a lot of anger, but then I calmed down because one has to accept that such people are just idiots .”

Trolls can also get into trouble.

In 2012, the student Liam Stacey was jailed after making racist comments on Twitter about footballer Fabrice Muamba.He later apologized but said he paid a high price for it became the target of hatred.

2. Viral Mania

Jake Smith became the target of criticism after he posted a video of himself gliding through the cables of a bridge.

Jake Smith is an expert in freerunning (like Parkour) caused such video but his alarm made headlines and even issued warnings police. When you publish online content you can never be entirely sure what will happen next.

While some people dream of becoming viral, others have discovered that they can get that kind of attention for the wrong reasons.

In 2012, Lindsey Stone posted a picture of herself on her personal Facebook page mocking a sign calling for “respect and silence” in a cemetery in Virginia, where they are buried more than 400,000 US troops.

He said it was only a joke. However, others found offensive and the image quickly went viral.

Stone received angry messages, phone calls, and even death threats. She was fired from his job and was no more to do than pick up the pieces of his life.

3. Dangers of social networking sites accepting online challenges

If you are wondering “what are some of the potential dangers of using social media ?” then do watch this video.

Online challenges are popular but can have tragic consequences. Stephen Brookes died in 2014 after participating in the challenge ‘ neknominate which is a controversial drinking game ‘.

“Stephen was adorable: humorous and friendly,” says Paula Brookes, who warns about the risks of online crazes. He lost his life in one of such challenges in an attempt to become popular on social media sites.

Neknominate was a drinking game that became fashionable a few years ago. Filming people having a drink, nominating someone else and published a video on social networks.

“I got a call from my son asking me to see him because something was not right. I left immediately but when I arrived it was too late. Stephen was already dead,” said the mother, with tears in his eyes.

” Paramedics arrived but could do nothing .”

That was the first time that Paula knew the Neknominate game.

Stephen had taken a bottle of vodka at once.

“If only I had not done that stupid thing for networks, just for fun, this would not have happened.”

It is believed that up to five deaths were caused by drinking game neknominate.

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4. Privacy Dangers of sharing content on social networking sites

Yeah, but you already or you may remember, that shameful thing is floating in the virtual world. Everything you write on social networking has the potential to last forever.Although delete it, someone may have already downloaded, recorded or made a screenshot.And you never know when will come out in the future.

In 2015, a British political candidate Huw Thomas had to apologize for comments he had made in a forum nine years earlier.

“People have lost their jobs because a boss saw something. Some companies now revised up to 10 pages of search results on Google when candidates for office are examined so that it is quite possible to find material in the remote past ” .

14 People who were fired because of Social Media Posts

Some say that one is always just a tweet or comment on the networks being fired.

5. Serious and Dangerous Impact of Social Media on Kids and Youths

Most of the kids these days are either glued to television playing XBOX/Playstation or prefer to be online with their friends on their fav apps. Infact, social media also impacts inter-personal skills of growing up children who feel more comfortable in sending a “Friend Request Online” as compared to “Going out with friends” in the real world.

Let us watch how seriously this social media is impacting younger generations.

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