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Truth Behind Mysterious “Fireball” which fell in southern Peru

A massive fireball was seen in the skies of Amazon City of Pucallpa, in central-eastern Peru last Saturday afternoon.

It looked like Meteor and some of the people recorded this event live on youtube video.

In Pucallpa, they observed the phenomenon in passing. But it was in Puno, nearly 2,000 kilometers south of the city first, that the mysterious object landed.

It caused no human or any major damage.

Local media described the phenomenon as a “ball of incandescent fire.” Three days later, Peru aerospace authorities still trying to figure out exactly what it is and where it came from.

The company Aerospace said on its website that the object was spotted reentering the atmosphere on January 27 on Pucallpa, in northern Peru.

What do confirm is that it was not a meteorite and in the same city of Puno fallen three objects shaped like a sphere and one that seems to look like a Metallic ball, as he said Tuesday Gustavo Henriquez, Secretary General the National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development of Peru (CONIDA).

Henriquez also noted that the path of the glowing object was from east to west and that the phenomenon was also observed in the Amazonian state of Acre in Brazil.

Are these Fuel tanks?

Henriquez said “most likely” is concerned with fuel tanks of satellites, although a Peruvian commission traveled to Puno agency has yet to confirm.

The estimate was made by the Joint Space Component US Strategic Command, which is part of the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC, for its acronym in English), which monitors more than 23,000 objects in orbit around Earth.

The information provided by the US government is published on the website of the Aerospace company, which conducts independent scientific research since 1960.

But they also include other data such as the “rocket body” which re-entered Earth it is part of a space mission to launch the call AngoSat 1, the first communications satellite Angola.

On 26 December, the Russian company RSC Energia, the manufacturer of the satellite, the mission launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Neither the company nor the Russian space agency Roscosmos state has published information about the objects found in Peru.

Gustavo Henríquez told BBC News that the Peruvian space agency concerned had not been notified of the possible re-entry into the atmosphere of this object.

“According to UN conventions, these warnings should be for nations to be vigilant and responsible country also takes care of the damages,” he warns.

That is why he adds, that will initiate an investigation together with the Foreign Ministry of the country to know the causes of the incident.

Is it Dangerous?

Peruvian authorities have surrounded the area where the object landed because, Henriquez said, “if they are satellite fuel tanks then it can be very dangerous.”

“Normally take hydrazine, a toxic propellant coming into contact with the fuel can put lives at risk,” he said.

US officials claimed that pieces of a Russian rocket fell over Peru on Saturday 27th January. However, in the images reported by the local press, it can be seen how the locals have even removed one of the objects to reveal the crater “of more than 30 centimeters” left on the floor.

Henriquez argued that, if a tank, high temperatures drop to the atmosphere “could cause the fuel to evaporate.”

“If that happened, it was a long time ago,” he said.

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