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5 gadgets every college student should have

Recent technological advances not only serve to entertain us and distract us, can also be of great help in the day-to-day class

  • The advancement of new technologies improving our lives day to day.
  • There are many small gadgets that can help you in your day-to-day in the university.
  • Discover the most useful of all the that are there in the market currently.

The digital transformation has brought with it many advantages that we can exploit in our daily lives. Concepts such as e-commerce or apps of home services we make life a little easier, or objects such as vacuum cleaners or robot fridges smart which allow us to control domestic issues. The internet of things is already part of our life, and all indications are that in the future will continue to help us with our routine.

Do you know which are the best options to study?

The progress of technology also comes to the classroom, not only as a machine that can be used in practice, or as touch-screens for classroom teaching. She also does so in the form of gadgets that are being created to enhance our classroom experience and to help us improve our performance.

Using these new gadgets in combination with the laptop, the tables, the virtual classroom or the clouds of contents we may have an experience in the classroom much more complete. Do you know some of these new inventions? Sure that as soon as you know you’ll want to get at least a couple of them.

Pen Livescribe

One of the tests that the internet of things can do a lot for your life is this pen. Attend class on many occasions turns into hours and hours of taking notes continuously. However, with this pen you can record your classes and pass your notes when you want.


You can also send these recordings to the device you want via bluetooth. In addition, if you want to facilitate even more your experience, the company also has the sale of notebooks, which communicate with the pen, smart and replicate what is written in it by making use of the so-called internet of things.

Bamboo Spark

We continue with the notebooks, because without a doubt taking notes is one of the things more cumbersome to attend class. In this case it is a notebook smart in which you can write by hand. What is its particularity?

All the texts that you write with it you can save directly to your memory or in the cloud. Any handwritten note you can archive and modify without having to resort to the usual method of passing notes to clean.

Virtual keyboard Celluon Magic Cube

If you are one of those who believes that bringing a laptop to class is a nuisance because of the size but the keyboard of the tablet is too small this may be the solution. This gadget projects a keyboard on the table of work that connects with the smartphone or tablet you’re using to do this.

Infoscan TS Lite

Have you ever had to copy text of books from the library that are not on loan? Or maybe a book from your teacher… Whatever the case, this gadget will allow you to capture all of the information that you want from a book and stored in a multimedia device.


Since you have to carry so much gadget on it is best to also have a backpack smart. This backpack is perfect for keeping all of the equipment you use in your day-to-day. It has usb ports, it connects via wifi and also has a bluetooth speaker and allows you to charge batteries. A perfect complement to the routine in the university.

If you’re clear on what you like… why not get one to make your routine more simple? So you can face the exams or even your summer courses so much better prepared than you are already. Bet for the technology to improve your learning experience.

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