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How to get a job in Internet of Things

Do you want to get work in the Internet area of ​​things but do not know where to start? Follow our tips

Internet of Things (IoT) is an area that begins to have relevance with the connection of millions of everyday objects to the net, throwing incalculable amounts of data, building intelligent cities and facilitating the daily lives of the homes.

It is necessary to investigate how to prepare to get work in the Internet area of ​​things because it is a field that does not have its graduates or sufficient exploration. Ahead!


Are you Interested in IOT ?

The first university graduates on the Internet of things are probably not even in high school because the races usually prevail when they are already being applied in the market, in addition to last 4 or 5 years.

At the moment the professionals qualified to exert this work are computer science, but its shortage in the industry entails that the companies hire graduates of boot camp with the practical formation.

It requires people trained in IoT technologies that respond today, so refresher courses and intensive weeks courses are the keys that opens doors in this area. Recruiters look for varied certifications that demonstrate specific knowledge, so you should see yourself in a particular job to know what certifications to get. Choose a subarea in which you want to work, such as home automation, automation, manufacturing processes or health and based in this aspiration to guide your training, which will take different paths according to your interests.

IoT knowledge to highlight in the selection

The Internet’s work on Things requires understanding how each device interacts with the rest and the network, how authentication is performed on a system, and how to configure it to preserve customer privacy. Achieving this depends on your knowledge of the storage cloud, as well as the knowledge in the operation of machine learning, an artificial intelligence technology based on automatic machine learning to solve their errors when analyzing large amounts of data.

The database experience is valued because IoT is closely linked to the Big Data because everyday objects connected to the Internet will offer incalculable volumes of data. To extract the tendencies to analyze them, will be one of the main tasks of the expert in IoT. OpenStack technologies or other automation systems are also indispensable for this work area, as well as the coding of several types of bots, which are automatic computer programs whose purpose is the repetition of tasks over the Internet.

The learning of embedded programming is another must for professionals who want to turn to the Internet of things, understanding by programming embedded a computer system that is dedicated to fulfilling few specific functions.

This type of programming is reflected in general languages ​​like C ++ and JavaScript or more defined in style Go and ParaSail. Mastering computer security parameters are also critical to protect the privacy of users of Internet-connected objects and to isolate such objects to reduce the risk of passing infection from one hacked computer to another by being connected to the same network.

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