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Why FBI is issuing warning to Smart TV Users?

Is your smart TV really Smart to protect you from Hackers??

Smart Tvs are like any other Tvs but with an active Internet connection. However, smart tvs do not have any on-off switch for wifi access. Most of the smart tvs come with voice recorder and some of these smart tvs have active cameras attached to them making them a big privacy issue for your security.

FBI is now issued warning to all Smart Tv users on some of the serious security loopholes in these smart tvs. 

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Some of the privacy issues raised by FBI are as below:-

  1. Security mechanism used in smart tvs is not that secure as compared to laptop/computer.
  2. Your smart tv can open the gateway through which hackers or manufacturers and app developers can easily access whats going on in your home.
  3. Hackers can take full control over your smart tv if it is not secured.
  4. Just like mobile app tracking, some of the companies have been found indulging in tv tracking.  Smart TV maker, Vizio had to pay $2.2 Million in fines after it was caught collecting secret data related to customer viewing using its smart tv.

The biggest problem with smart tv is that it does not have any on-off switch for wifi access. In case of mobile, you have the option to switch off your internet anytime, but this is not the case with smart tv and if someone has gained access to your TV without your permission, there is very little you can do. 

Watch Video: 90% of the smart tv are vulnerable to hack

It looks like the most smart tv is the one which has no access to Internet



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