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Evolution Yoga Retreats Evolutionary

Boost Your Health on a Yoga Retreat

Why not book onto a yoga retreat with Evolution Yoga Retreats that will boost your fitness health and vitality by providing a solid foundation that the changes that need to be made can be gentle and fulfilling. Check out this retreat centre in central Portugal where these evolutionary changes can take place.

Portugal is one of the most beautifully unspoilt parts are Europe, and set in the mountains of this wonderful country you will find Senior Yoga teachers Peter & Sue who decided over a decade ago to move there from the UK to open a wellness centre with its foundation firmly placed in yoga. Yoga has become one of the most popular practices to do for physical fitness  and better health over the last twenty years. At  which is a wonderful and peaceful place you have the opportunity of exploring many of the different branches of yoga and meditation. With the back drop of the mountains and an enormous amount of land to explore, when you are not learning yoga then taking long walks through the forest land can be excellent for clearing all of those thoughts. 

Making evolutionary changes to your health has never been so important these days with all of the toxins that find there way into our bodies from food or even from the air that we breath. In this mountainous region you will be taking in clean and pure air, drinking clear spring water and eating vegetarian food that has been cooked by a naturopathic chef. 

Finding a yoga practice that is perfect for your physical capabilities and energy levels plays such an important role when you go on vacation and below you can find a list of weeks that will suit your needs.

  • Evolutionary Yoga – This practice is probably the most dynamic practice around and has a set sequence of postures that you will learn. The fundamentals of this system are using the breath and awareness when entering into asana’s. Evolutionary yoga also uses what are called gaze points which allow you to focus your mind to keep your concentration. This is very dynamic and fluid and builds a lot of heat in the body due to the breathing method.

  • Mindfulness Meditation – Learning to stay present and be in each moment is really what this meditation style is all about but you get to learn the method of actually staying in the moment and observing thoughts. We tent to let our mind run away with thoughts and can think about them in a very unhealthy way. This style of meditation allows us to cultivate some happiness in our minds.

  • Medical Qigong – This style of practice focuses on the five elements to bring about balance and positive change in our live. On one level the practice works on our meridians and on another level it really opens up the body and removes tension and the stresses that accumulate over a period of time.

If you want to really make those changes to your life and develop a larger understanding of the workings of your body and mind then try one of these retreats.

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