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Why earthworms are most important creatures on the planet earth?

Perhaps we have seen these creatures crawling out of soil during monsoon season but little do we understand their important role in this ecosystem.

Earthworms are a great livelihood for other animals such as birds, moles, badgers, foxes and even for some large insects. However, its importance does not end there.

Few people know that earthworms are actually one of the most important animals on our planet.

Long before, the Egyptians already considered them “minor gods” by observing how, after the floods of the Nile, they brought silt to the ground, which increased their fertility. The reality is that without earthworms there would be no soil as we know it, and without soil agriculture would not be possible

Earthworms are considered “ecosystem engineers”. With their activity they are able to modify the soil and create new habitats for many other animals.

Watch Video: Why are EarthWorms are important?


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