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Drinking Coffee in California may soon come with a Cancer Warning

Is Coffee Good or Bad for your Health?

A California law requires notice that coffee causes cancer.

According to Proposition 65, the substance acrylamide, which occurs when the coffee is roasted, is associated with cancer.

Coffee is dangerous to health and causes cancer.” This warning would be important establishments like Starbucks will soon notify their customers because of Proposition 65 in California (USA).

Is drinking your favorite coffee good or bad for health? 

This law identifies harmful chemicals and requires companies to put warnings when present. In this case, it is acrylamide, which is found naturally in some foods and occurs when coffee is roasted. And in California is associated with cancer and its development, he reported the newspaper The Independent.

A lawsuit filed by the Board of Education and Research on Toxics noted that local and Starbucks, Peet’s and BP do not notify customers about the risks of acrylamide.

Meanwhile, 7-Eleven and Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffees, among others, agreed to send warnings. The rest of the establishments has been involved in a protracted legal struggle, and a ruling is expected in the coming months.

“Coffee does not cause cancer,” he said in an email Kyra Auffermann, the National Coffee Association, a trade group that has been the public face of the response of the major coffee vendors demand.

Also, Proposition 65 is also in the crosshairs of critics who warn that unscrupulous lawyers use it to destroy businesses.

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