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Three injured due to explosion of an iPad in an Apple Store in Amsterdam

The Apple Store in Amsterdam had to be evacuated this Sunday after the explosion of an iPad battery that released harmful substances into the...
apple battery slow down

Apple Updates in Dec 2017 slowed down Older iPads and iphones 6& 7

Many customers of Apple iPhone and iPad reported that their devices are running slow after recent updates. There was a serious concern regarding slowing...
apple revenue sources

How does Apple maximize its profits beyond iPhone

The company that runs on Tim Cook makes a lot of money with its services, an area that it hopes to continue developing in...
tablet security

How to ensure security for your tablet devices

The mobile or the tablet go with us everywhere and accompany us both in studies or work as in personal life. Therefore, it should not...
use ipad as laptop

How to use an ipad as a laptop replacement

When Apple introduced its iPad, it positioned it as a true revolution in the field of tablets, closer to computers than its supposed peers . Over the...
ipad iphone tricks

8 Tricks every iphone and ipad user should know

I bet you use your cell phone for the basics: take selfies, post on facebook, tweet from time to time and chat with your...
vpn connection

What is a VPN connection used for ?

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is primarily used in enterprises when employees work from home or branch offices need to be linked to a single...