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8 Tricks every iphone and ipad user should know

I bet you use your cell phone for the basics: take selfies, post on facebook, tweet from time to time and chat with your friends using Whatsapp. I’m not going to tell you that you’re wasting a lot of functionality because you already know, but you may be spending too much time on tasks that you can simplify if you know some shortcuts .

Both the iPhone and the iPad are designed to make life easier for their users, doing the tasks faster, although often they do not know. So now we will exclusively deal with your iPhone and iPad and we will help you to use them as A professional .

Here are the 8 tricks you should know to get all the juice out of your iPhone and iPad:

Trick # 1: Call Back

Although the iPhone does not have a specific button to perform a callback, it does have this option. If you want to call the last person you called, what you have to do is press the green call button twice within the dialing interface. With the first touch you will select the number and with the second you will call it, that simple.

Trick # 2:  Faster fingerprint reader

The Touch ID has always been fast, but also very sensitive, so sometimes it can fail if we do not enter the footprint as we have saved it. So one suggestion to make the fingerprint reader faster is to simply enter two or three different readings. You can do this by entering Settings / Touch ID and code / Add a fingerprint.

Trick # 3:  Optimize the search engine

With the search engine of your iPhone you can find anything, but also perform other types of tasks. For example, you can convert currencies into other currencies by entering the value you want and the currency in which you want the result, or even do it with units of measure. In addition, you can use Spotlight as a calculator if you mark this operation in the search box.

Trick # 4:  More Professional Photos

You can make a burst of photos by holding down the shutter button, so you’ll be sure to capture your moments better and prevent the movement of objects from ruining your portraits.

Trick # 5:  Shoot with headphones

If you want to leave your iPhone still to take a picture and do not want to destabilize it by pressing the capture button on the screen, you can connect the headphones and using the button to shoot and get a selfie without movement.

Trick # 6: Close Applications Instantly

If you have several applications open you can close them in pairs in an instant, simply by sliding them up with two fingers on the screen.

Trick # 7:  A Hidden Level

If you enter the compass of your iPhone and slide it to the left you will see that on your screen there is a level of those used by bricklayers and architects, with which you will make all the tables in your house are completely right.

Trick # 8:  Use your iPhone as a magnifying glass

Accessing the camera and zooming in to the maximum you can do it, but if you really want a professional magnifying glass you must enter Settings / General / Accessibility / Magnifier and activate this function.

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