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How does Apple maximize its profits beyond iPhone

The company that runs on Tim Cook makes a lot of money with its services, an area that it hopes to continue developing in the next years and that could become, by itself, a successful company. We tell you what it is and how much money you make with it.

If there is a word that is associated with Apple, in addition to Steve Jobs, its founder, is undoubted “iPhone,” his golden egg hen.

The popular smartphone has been on the market for more than a decade and has managed to sell tens of millions of units over the years.

So how does apple maximize profits ?

However, despite their success story, the iPhone is not the company’s only source of revenue for Cupertino, California.

The company, which is preparing the launch of the latest version of its mobile phone – the iPhone 8 – for September, presented the results of its third fiscal quarter, which runs from May to July, and showed that its profits continue to grow beyond His famous phone.

During the last quarter, Apple earned $ 45.4 billion, up 12% from last year, increasing its revenue by 7%.

The rise of services

iPhone sales were up 1.6%. But what allowed record numbers was the company’s service area which, according to its director, Tim Cook, has set a historic record and has led to “accelerated growth.”


According to Cook, this segment of the company is the size of a company worthy of the Fortune 100 list, an achievement achieved “sooner than expected.”

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The department covers a wide range of services, from cloud storage, cloud, to applications such as Apple Music and iTunes, streaming music, or Apple Pay, the mobile payment system that allows you to shop with the iPhone in a Contactless cards.

Apple also makes money from other products, such as iPad tablets (making it more than $ 11 billion in the last quarter), smart watches watch and its famous Mac computers (The US $ 4,290 million this year compared to the US $ 4,250 million last year).

And it also sells Airpods (headphones), accessories for all its electronic devices and accessories, in addition to the iPod, which is on the verge of disappearance but, for the moment, is still commercialized.

But the growth of these services has not eclipsed the iPhone, which is still the star product of the company.

In September, when iPhone 8 goes on sale to commemorate the ten years of the model, Apple hopes to grow even more.

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