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How to use an ipad as a laptop replacement

Learn How you how to make the most of your iPad

When Apple introduced its iPad, it positioned it as a true revolution in the field of tablets, closer to computers than its supposed peers . Over the years, the modifications made by the apple have supported this idea, allowing this device to resemble more and more a laptop.

It is true that the differences exist, that clearly an iPad is not a computer, and that it will probably never become exactly one despite all the modifications that the Cupertino plan. However, it can be used in the same way as a laptop if you make some arrangements .

In essence, everything will depend on the use you give it. If you want to surf the web, write, create creations as designs or retouch photographs, then you can use your iPad for this task and forget the idea of ​​buying a new laptop. If you are dedicated to programming you may find some obstacles as to the power of this device, but surely you will manage to do the basics.

Do you want to use your iPad as a laptop replacement?

This is what you should do

  1. Plug in a keyboard :  this will eliminate the biggest physical difference between these devices. There are different models from which you can choose, some even imitate the appearance of a computer so you will have much easier.
  2. Add apps :  Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online are available for iOS, so you can have the same apps as on a regular laptop.
  3. Personalize your device :  give that personal touch you would give to your computer. Background, files, your personal folders … Simply mark your style!
  4. Get a mouse :  this way it will be easier to do what you propose.
  5. Make a place :  find a fixed place to place your iPad, where you can leave it and work without problems.

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