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What is a VPN connection used for ?

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is primarily used in enterprises when employees work from home or branch offices need to be linked to a single network. However, it can also be used domestically with multiple security purposes, geographical zone blocking, censoring or anonymity against the server. Know your possibilities!

What is a VPN connection?

It consists of a virtual technology that connects different computers to a private network through the Internet , even when they are in secluded corners of the world. Connecting to a VPN network means that your device communicates with it, functioning as a filter to the Internet. Therefore , your computer does not dialogue directly with the Internet, but it does so through the VPN .

They are usually encrypted to ensure greater security with respect to your Internet provider, hiding information so that it can not distinguish what you are accessing. To do this, your IP becomes the one that belongs to the VPN server and draws the exposure that implies entering a site from the Internet without mediators. The most annoying drawback that results from this situation is the slowing of the speed because the data is processed by another route before reaching the Internet.

What is a VPN connection used for?

Its features facilitate the development of corporate tasks because workers can connect to the company network from any physical location without risking the security of the data. The interconnectivity that makes it possible is a guarantee for telecommuting and multiplicity of branches.

At the domestic level, it is possible to access content from different countries while in Spain to watch movies or sites that do not have permits in your geographical area or are simply not available. Additionally, it blocks advertising and improves security because it is encrypted, for example when you need to connect from a public Wifi.

Download VPN free

Keep in mind that your security is not as reliable as paid VPNs, and some may not allow you to misrepresent your geographic location. However, they are useful when you need to urgently connect to manipulate sensitive data or test how it works and decide on a Premium package.

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3. Betternet
4. Pure VPN
5. Private Internet Access

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