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How to protect your Mobile phone privacy

If you get off the line you could put your own privacy at stake.

It is really easy to find useful applications for the mobile. With the diversity of options they offer, and the variety of apps that can be found in official stores, downloading all the time new features are practically impossible to avoid.

The problem is that, while we incorporate new functions to our mobile, we can also add some problems. While filling the mobile apps can be highly favourable to the user, as it will have a wide variety of options to entertain, spend their free time or perform professional actions, this practice may also be negative for the device itself.
The accumulation of digital information, with applications created by different manufacturers, makes the information of the user vulnerable. As technology advances, cybercriminals too, so keeping a clean mobile from unnecessary applications, with each of your programs perfectly updated and filtered information is critical to protecting the privacy of its users.

How can we avoid it and protect privacy on our mobile?

What can happen if we do not filter the applications we install? That different manufacturers can access our private information, that we forget to update the applications that we have, and therefore we are not completely updated in the matter of security, that we grant unreliable permissions to access our contents, that the memory of our device stature, Let the home screen fill us with icons and programs …

We recommend some steps to ensure mobile phone security and privacy :

The first step is to be more selective with what we install, and prefer those applications that allow us to do the work of two or three with a single download.
Secondly, it is important to keep the ones we have updated to make sure they meet the latest security requirements.

Then it is advisable to delete the applications that are not used because these can continue sending data even when they are inactive, which endangers the security of the users.

Reviewing the settings of the apps that we will keep installed is also a good option to decide the information that we want to give you access instead of leaving the configuration that appears from the beginning and may be less secure.

If you follow these steps, you will soon have a safer mobile, and apps that you use, making you stop being the perfect target for cybercriminals who are looking for your private information.

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