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Top 5 Chrome extensions that boost your productivity

Forget about procrastination and distractions. Thanks to these extensions, you can become a successful student or professional.

Working with a computer has many good things, since you can always be aware of the latest news while you work. At the office you can check the newspapers, see the social networks or answer emails. However, these benefits can be very counterproductive if time is not properly managed.

Today we want to introduce five extensions for Chrome that will allow you to improve productivity, increase motivation, take care of visual health and save time:

Following are some of the best google chrome extensions for productivity

  1. Dayboard : is an extension that can be used without Internet access. This tool displays a list of the top five tasks of the day each time you open a new tab. The goal is that we meet our daily goals and feel motivated, and we can also synchronize our lists with other devices.
  2. Strict Workflow : This extension is based on the pomodoro technique, which establishes rest periods depending on the minutes of work and productivity. Basically, it consists of a web page blocker that allows us to focus attention for a certain time. If you work 25 minutes of intense work, you will not be able to enter social networks, watch the cinema programming or anything that is not necessary to perform your task. After that time, the system will notify you that you have 5 minutes of rest.
  3. Do not break the chain : this extension is very efficient when it comes to motivating our brains. Each day you will have to establish a list of tasks and mark them in the calendar when you have finished them. After a few days, your mind will not be able to “break the chain”, so it will strive harder to meet all the goals.
  4. Save my eyes : thanks to this extension, you will know every time you take a break to relieve the tension in your eyes or relax. Eye problems are very common among people who work with computers; For this reason, it is important that you personalize this timing of work and breaks. It also tells you what to do during these minutes, improving your visual health and increasing your relaxation abilities.
  5. Reminders of inspiration : Choose a phrase or image that inspires you and puts you back on the road to success. This extension will remind you periodically and while you are working, allowing you to improve your self-control and your ability to self-motivate.

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