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Top 10 Unknown Google Search Tricks

Discover the best tricks for Google that will simplify your searches but also entertain you with hidden tools and games.

Surely you handle several tricks for Google especially in relation to the search engine, but there are also some games or fun effects that you can try to entertain yourself. We combine practical tips to facilitate your tasks with some games that will relieve stress when you spend many hours in front of the computer for your work or study requirement.

Google Search

1. News

Investigate what was recently released by adding the & tbs = qdr: command at the end of the URL. Then write the time you want to search for results with s5 for the last 5 seconds, n5 for the last 5 minutes and h5 for the last 5 hours.

2. Exact phrases

Place quotation marks at the beginning and end of a word or phrase so that the search engine finds exactly what you typed. Avoid words that add specific information like adjectives that are probably not found in most of the results and could confuse the engine.

3. Local Search

Enter the Google Local tool available in Google Maps or as a tab in Google +. Position yourself at the place where you will perform the search by typing the keyword so that you can post results at the chosen site.

4. Flights

Type the name of the airline next to the flight number and get the status of that flight, as well as your arrival time. It works when the company offers the data, so some flights may not be available for tracking.

5. Movies and climate

Enter the word movie or weather followed by the postal code belonging to the city where you want to search. A list of the current weather conditions will be displayed at the place visited or the cinemas in the specified area. Test the state to which the city belongs next to the zip code.

Games on Google

6. Maneuver rotation

Search Google “Do aBarrel Roll” will make the whole page rotate 360º in an acrobatic way. It is an effect for entertainment purposes based on the maneuver that the aircraft perform.

7. Severity

If you type the words “Google Gravity” in the engine and click the first option that appears on the search page, all elements fall to the bottom edge of the screen, mimicking the weight of gravity. Click the items and roll them around the screen to bounce and blend.

8. Flights in Google Earth

The Google EarthFlight Simulator tool lets you simulate flights around the globe, requiring a keyboard and mouse or a joystick to pilot the chosen aircraft. When you require help during your flight, press Ctrl + H, feature for Linus or Windows.

9. Beatboxing

Write combinations of invented words in the translator dialog box and hit the “listen” icon, transforming the audio into Beatbox mode to hear the percussion sound. The difficulty is to find a combination of words that activate this mode of reproduction, as if writing were a musical instrument.

10. Rebounding

A game that is available if you type Actari breakout in the browser and you enter the images tab. Google transforms all the images found in colored squares that you must destroy with the bouncing ball, controlling it with the line that works of racket when you move the mouse.

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