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10 Best Mindfulness meditation apps for iphone

Find some of the best mindfulness meditation apps for iphone. Learn about free iOS apps to practice meditation and achieve a state of relaxation that will relieve the stress of your routine

The long working and student days that we usually develop daily, wear not only our physical but also the mind. It is essential to spend a few minutes a day relaxing to get rid of stress before starting a new day or recharging the energies when we are on the end of it. Learn to disconnect and cultivate a healthy physical-mental balance by downloading these free applications to practice meditation.

1. Omvana

Enable 75 free sessions with different phases to meet in the morning in order to achieve a relaxation that allows you to increase your level of productivity. The meditations have an extension of approximately 20 minutes and are guided learning experiences so you can develop your own ideas of relaxation.

2. Smiling Mind

The particularity of this app is its varied offer of meditation sessions categorized for both children and adults. The sessions can be done in groups and it is possible to keep track of your mood before starting the exercises or when you finish them.

3.  Insight Timer

Access 4,000 guided meditations with more than 1,000 teachers who work on self-pity, stress and nature. It is possible to know how many people are meditating at the same time as you and what they hear in their respective devices. It works as a great open class of relaxation.

4. Zenfie

Presents 10-minute sessions that explain visually and sound what you must do to get a state of relaxation before leaving for college or your job. Add descriptions of concepts such as mindfulness or carpediem to help you process the philosophy underlying meditation.

5. Relax Melodies

The white sound is characterized by inducing you to relax, so this application provides you with rain tracks, sea waves, birds or melodies on flute. Ideal for those who work in a bustling office that prevents them from concentrating or those with insomnia problems that need to be disconnected from their routine.

6. Guided Mind

The duration of your sessions range from 5 minutes to 15 or 30, depending on how much time you have available that day. The purpose is that regardless of how busy you are, you can enjoy a daily relaxation space even if it is a few minutes.

7. Mindfulness

Catalog with meditation tracks that last between 3 and 30 minutes, including an introductory series to begin meditation. Relax it will be simple if you follow the methodology that applies this application that has a Premium version.

8. Stop, Breathe & Think

Familiarize yourself with mindfulness by learning to relax and incorporate concepts of neuroscience and physiology of stress. Approximately 30 free sessions of up to 11 minutes in length will be the content that you will find in this application designed to promote calm by placing you in the center of a forest simulated with sounds.

9. Intimind

With 10 minutes of meditation a day should be enough to achieve the mental and physical balance you need to face your day. Exemplifying everyday situations such as work stress, personal life circumstances or periods of anxiety that can interfere with your performance.

10. Aura

personalized daily 3 minute promise relaxation but also entertainment meditations, as teachers develop new leads constantly so you always have a new hand. You will complete data such as your age, stress level, degree of optimism and interest for the application to send tailored to your profile sessions.

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