Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World 2017-2018

What do you think are the countries that attract more visitors each year?

What do you think are the countries that attract more visitors each year? Helios7 brings you most popular and most visited counties in the world.

Would you know how to tell us, in a nutshell, which places in the world are getting more tourists? In this list, you will find countries with an undeniable architectural and cultural heritage.

Most Visited Countries in the World

1. France – Among Most visited countries in Europe

O, la la! It may not seem too strange for France to continue to rank high in the ranking of the most visited countries in the world. Not surprisingly, romantic Paris alone brings together almost 27 million tourists each year willing to get lost in the dreamy streets of what they call the “City of Light.” The beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral, the bohemian Montmartre district or the Arc de Triomphe resulted in the Champs Elysees are not at all overshadowed by the fame of other world capitals such as New York or London. Not only that, the cultural and gastronomic offer of France attracts travelers eager to know other corners of the country like the cities of Lyon, Nice, Toulouse orMarseille.

2. United States

This was easy, with a city that catches the attention of the whole world, it is not complicated to imagine the United States as one of the most attractive countries for travelers. New York, New York … The Big Apple is home to one of the most impressive skylines on the planet; Times Square mesmerizes the passerby, the best art galleries, chic restaurants and trendy shops are concentrated in New York. What are you waiting to lose in the streets?

If it were not enough to excuse to buy the ticket already, other cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas, natural spaces such as Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon or the best theme parks in the world would convince you completely to cross the Atlantic.

3. Spain

In Spain, we have a charm for a while, and that is known in the rest of the world, so our country is always at the top of the list of the most visited. The Spanish gastronomy and climate, the atmosphere and architecture of Barcelona, the cultural offer of Madrid, the beaches of the Balearic Islands and the Andalusian charm are, among many others, the demands of the almost 61 million tourists who came in 2014 to our country. What is the best of everything? We have all these paradises at your fingertips!

4. China

The Asian Giant greets its nearly 56 million annual visitors with architectural wonders such as the Great Wall or the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, overwhelming cities like Shanghai, mysteries to be discovered with a clear example in the terracotta warrior army of Xi ‘ an and a delicious gastronomy for anyone who dares to discover it. There is no reason not to visit China once in a lifetime; we are sure you will be amazed at every step you take.

5. Italy – Italy has world’s most famous structures

There are not many who long to walk through streets full of history or taste the best pizzas in the world, for this and many other reasons, Italy has established itself as one of the places on the planet with more travelers per square meter. Rome, the eternal city, splits through every corner a rich past combined with the modernity and elegance of its inhabitants, cafes, and restaurants. Similarly, Venice, Verona, and Florence evoke a romanticism that has not yet been lost. Finally, the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany and the Lake Como region or the flamboyant beaches of Sicily have, by right, converted our Italian neighbors into the ideal tourist destination for many.

6. Turkey

The geographical position of Turkey, between Europe and Asia, has given rise to an interesting mixture of cultures that has elevated to this country like one of the most attractive of the world. With Istanbul as a banner, it’s no wonder. Mysterious, enigmatic, full of life, full of bazaars and corners with great history such as the spectacular Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque, this city is the most visited spot in Turkey. However, there is much more to explore! The geological formations of Cappadocia and Pamukkale delight many; as well as the ruins of Ephesus, an impressive historical settlement on the shores of the Aegean Sea that we are certain will surprise you.

7. Germany

We continue in Europe, the continent that accumulates major travelers every year thanks to countries like the stately Germany. With a capital like the emblematic and, at the same time, modern and multicultural Berlin, it is not surprising that many who decide to go to this country to spend their vacations. What do you tell us about living like a real German Oktoberfest in Munich or getting lost in the beautiful forests of the German Black Forest? Hallo Deutschland!

8. United Kingdom – Most popular visited countries in Europe

Tourism in the United Kingdom has a name: London. Millions of people travel each year to this beautiful city, the capital of England, to see Big Ben with their own eyes, to visit museums as spectacular as the British Museum, to live the atmosphere of Notting Hill or Camden Town and a very long etcetera of attractions which only London offers. However, this state has places to visit for a while: the spectacular Edinburgh and its castles, the lively Liverpool or Manchester or the landscapes of Wales and Northern Ireland. A real pass!

9. Russia

The beauty of stately cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow does not leave the world indifferent, and that is why there are many who venture to know this great country. The Red Square and the Hermitage Museum are a must but natural Russian wonders such as the landscapes of Lake Baikal that you can see from one of the most impressive train routes, the Trans-Siberian, should help you think about a trip there right now!

10. Thailand

Last but not least, Thailand is positioned as the most visited country in Southeast Asia and one of the most tourist transit in the world. Why? With an exotic and fun city like Bangkok, others filled with precious temples like northern Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, overflowing nature everywhere and, of course, paradisiacal beaches of white sand and azure blue water seem more than evident. It is true that with so much traveler, it is difficult to find a desert corner for oneself but the ease to travel around the country and its good prices make this destination the preferred for those who do not have a lot of budgets.

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