The four things you should never do at an airport and a plane

Air travel assumes to accept many times a series of rules beyond those already known on the baggage in the control zones.

To begin with, keep in mind that on flights (especially international), it is likely that we are to submit to questions that we are required to respond, as when you travel to the United States. Some agencies regulate the rights and obligations of the civil aviation, such as the Federal Aviation Administration of the United STATES, that so collected. Although this type of control is famous when it travels to North America, other areas of the world also perform. Refusing to do so can mean you can get arrested and deported.

Another thing that tends to cause more delays passengers of what we imagine is the want to strain all sorts of stuff of irregular shape in the controls. The instructor of the TSA Academy Jason Pocket has told Business Insider that the passengers are trying to sneak all kinds of things, even the most unlikely, as you can see in the own account of Instagram of the TSA.

There is also that avoid going drunk or say you are drunk because only that can be a reason to prevent you from access to a flight and, in the worst cases, end up arrested, according to feature in Smart Travel.

The last of the things you must not do in an airport or an airplane, even if it is a no-brainer tends to be a sick joke that could cause a severe upset if one says in an airport: joke about terrorism and the possession of weapons or bombs.

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