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8 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet/Plane

Renting a private plane has its advantages. This guide lists 8 of the many reasons why you should consider renting a private plane instead of traveling first class.

The main distinction between renting a private plane and flying in first class is this: flying by private plane is focused on you while flying in first class is focused on the airline. Renting a private plane allows you to fly whenever, wherever, in a scenario prepared for your personal needs. And, although traveling by private plane is undoubtedly a luxury, the benefits it offers go much further. We have compiled a list of eight benefits of flying by private plane for the next time you plan a trip.

1) Choose the cuisine that you most want

Whether you want to taste haute cuisine with champagne or cuisine from your favorite place, the menu on a private plane you choose. Although first-class food can be quite good, this level of customization, including the brand of tea you prefer, will never be found in a commercial airline.

2) Land closer to your final destination

When you fly by private jet charter, you choose the departure and arrival terminals. If you live near a small airport you can leave from there and avoid the traffic of the large cities. And then your plane can land at the airport that is closest to your destination. In this way, you can spend more time enjoying and less traveling.

3) Direct nonstop trip

Without being limited by airline schedules you won’t have to sleep at the airport or spend long hours waiting between flights. And if you are late, you don’t have to run. In this case, the plane is waiting for you to offer you direct non-stop trip.

4) Travel with your pet

Sending your pet for a long flight can be very stressful. And these private planes can surely take care of all your needs as well as your pets needs. Not all commercial flights accept pets and also charge a lot. On a private flight, your pet can go to your side, with the same comforts as you.

5) Choose the type of plane and its interior

Do you prefer a more classic or modern style? Would you like to have seven seats or 14? These questions are not asked in a commercial airline. When flying by private plane, you have at your disposal a variety of sizes and luxurious interiors, you decide.

6) Get out whenever you want

Commercial flights have to adhere to schedules and suffer delays regularly. The most common reason for delays is not the weather: it is the late arrival of the plane. When traveling by private plane, you choose the schedule that is best for you, not the airline.

If you are planning to consider travelling by first class or business class, do consider travelling by a private plane charters, Icarus Jet and we are sure you would never prefer any commercial flights. The level of comfort and ride you get in a private plane is way far better than the unfriendly schedules and attitude of most of the commercial flights.


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