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Segera Retreat: Best Wildlife Reserve in Kenya

This hotel at Segera Retreat is shaped like a bird's nest

For those looking for best wildlife reserve in kenya this is the best place to be in. Around the world, many architects strive to build hotels unique and thematic, but sleeping space in Kenya have created the awards in originality and contact with nature.

This accommodation is mounted on tall trees and located in Segera Retreat in County Kenya Laikipia, considered one of the regions most important wildlife of the country and attempts to resemble a large bird ‘s nest, where guests can enjoy the sunset, stargazing and sleep outdoors.

Illuminated with lanterns at night, the giant nest also offers a protected below in case room to spend all night outdoors is not your total satisfaction. Guests are promised a sunset magical African sun for a dinner picnic at the top of the nest and can enjoy breakfast while watching elephants, giraffes and other wild animals gather at the river near the hotel. Very different services that offer the most common hotels chains like Motel 6 Is not an experience ?.

The striking design is the result of a collaboration between Segera Retreat and equipment handmade accessories Nay Palad, who worked with award-winning French architect Daniel Pouzet to create an experience very hard to forget holiday.


The Segera Retreat is operated by Jochen Zeitz conservationist, who says that this site will find “fun, adventure, spiritual reflection and peace.” The only detail is that to enjoy these wonders, guests have to be prepared to spend much of their wages because it has a cost per person per night of about $ 1200.

The withdrawal uses solar energy for the operation of all its services, including heater luxurious outdoor bathrooms, and uses recycled rainwater to give life to their gardens and growing vegetables homegrown, which is then used in the restaurant place.

Undoubtedly the Segera Retreat is a site wild and natural accommodation, although not the only one. Some time ago, it opened the Null Stern, a hosting site located in the Swiss Alps, completely outdoors, which includes only one bed. In it, you’ll find no walls, no roof and go to the nearest public restroom will have to walk about 10 minutes.

However, in the Null Stern service, it offers a simple breakfast in bed, which is led by a butler, to give an elegant touch to this minimalist accommodation and is priced at $ 250 per night for dollars.

The theme of Segera Retreat is quite original and wild. However, we hope that being the place so like a great bird’s nest, does not create confusion among the variety of bird species and think that this could be your home. Although true adventurers probably would welcome such a happy experience.

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