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How to Avoid Job Scams Online ?

Learn about the great Job Scams and How to Avoid them.

There are plenty of people who wish to earn extra while doing work in summer holidays. There are those who wish to work while they are studying. A Job Offer starting from Rs.15000 or $300 seems lucrative for such job-seekers.

With the increase in Job-Seeking aspirants, there are massive scam sites which are offering unrealistic salary packages with promotion benefits just to lure such vulnerable job seekers.

Once you upload your resume to popular Job Sites, you will immediately start receiving calls and emails with text that “Your Resume has been shortlisted” asking you to call on a particular number. Most of the advertisers have full access to user data which is uploaded on these websites. This is why it is important to filter and avoid those job sites which seems to be offering unrealistic jobs in India,Abroad, USA, Canada, Gulf and various other countries.

These Job Scammers will also show you job openings with a high package which is usually given to someone who has 5-10 years of experience in the same field. There are innumerable job scams going all across the globe and these scammers prey on victims who are simple job seekers. When shown promise of lucrative jobs, these gullible job seekers sometimes end up shelling out thousands or even lakhs of rupees.

In India, job scam victims have been known to pay from few hundred to up to 30-40 Lakhs (Approx 80000-100,000 USD) to these scammers. Most of the consumer complaint websites are full of such scams websites where unemployed youths are exploited by setting up dodgy sites. These Fake Job sites use names similar to popular websites such as “YourMonsterJobs” etc. They will always include a popular name in their domain as well to trap gullible job seekers.

How to Avoid being trapped into Job Scam Online?

1) When you upload your resume on any popular job sites, always make sure that your resume is going to be viewed by Companies as well as Scamsters. The database is open to everyone who has a premium account on that job site. Not every Job Offer which you receive is going to be a genuine one.

What are some of the Signs of Job Scam

2) If you receive the job offer which asks you to deposit Rs.200-500, Rs.1000 or higher you should run away. Just Say NO to even depositing a single penny.

3) Fake Job sites are easy to detect. These job sites are created overnight with the prime objective of fooling job seekers.

You can do a simple task to identify Fake Job Sites. You can check WHOIS details of the Fake Job Site or any other Fake website.

  1. Go to Website
  2. https://www.whois.com/whois/
  3. Enter Domain/Url of the fake/suspicious site and click “search” button.
  4. Once you click search, you will get all the details such as domain registrant, address, phone and the most important part of this detail is the Registration Date. Most of the well-known job sites are at least ten years old. These fake sites are created overnight, and their registration date will tell you information that this is a new website and not some well-established website. There are chances that this WHOIS information is kept hidden which must also raise suspicion. If you find that website is offering job offers in India while it’s registrant address is from Nigeria, it is a signal that website is fake. Fake Job site can put Fake Address, but they can never Fake their registration date. Most of the fake sites are brand new websites which are mostly 6 months – 12 months old.
  5. Most of the Fake Job Email Offers are sent through Shady Email Servers which are blacklisted. Emails sent from these email servers will land up in your SPAM folder and not your INBOX.

Indian Illegal Call Centre Documentary


5) The Structure of the job email would be unprofessional, and you can notice multiple grammatical mistakes.

6) Sometimes you are invited to visit their Shady Offices where you are asked to deposit Rs.100-Rs.200. You must never pay any amount to anyone when you are seeking the job.

“A Genuine Job Consultant will get a percentage of amount directly from the Company for whom he/she is recruiting. You are not supposed to pay even one single penny to these job consultants.”

7) When you get some job offer from abroad, you should be extra careful, and you must always directly contact the company to verify the authenticity of the job offer being displayed on website XYZ.

8) Websites which are offering you instant cash for just a few hours of unrelated/suspicious work are luring you into a trap which will leave a hole in your pocket.

You have to be extra careful while searching for a job especially if you are seeking job abroad. You must make sure that you do not end up burning a hole in your pocket in the name of Job Search.

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Article by: Employment-Newspaper.com

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