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Cantabria, the second best european destination in 2018 for Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, the leading international publishing about travel, has published its list of Best in Europe by 2018 and has chosen to Cantabria as the second European destination to visit and see in 2018, just behind Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

The publication has taken into account that the autonomous community is a green land rough with the contrast between its sandy beaches, the mountains wrapped in mist and the villages full of charm. Lonely Planet has valued the revitalization of its waterfront particularly with the new Loot and the new communication by ferry with other European destinations.

Also, it has honorable mention, and a “stunning backdrop” as are the Picos de Europa, the oldest national park in Spain by 2018 and is celebrating its centenary.

In the first place, the content editor has placed the culinary journey to Emilia-Romagna, a region in the north of Italy, much less chosen than another closer as the Tuscany or the Veneto. Lonely Planet notes that it is the birthplace of ragu, del prosciutto di Parma, the balsamic vinegar and the parmesan cheese and your legacy gourmet is exposed in the FICO of Bologna, the theme park culinary largest in the world.

A list of multicultural

The list is in third place in the province of Friesland, in the Netherlands and, in particular, its capital, Leeuwarden. Still, in fourth and fifth place, Kosovo and Provence, respectively.

The rest of the positions are occupied, in descending order, Dundee, Scotland; the Cyclades Minor, in Greece; Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital; the Valley of Vipava, Slovenia; and, finally, another capital city, Tirana, Albania.

The spokesperson and editorial director of Lonely Planet, Tom Hall, has pointed out that this list is “for anyone who wants to avoid crowds in Europe this summer.” Also, it revealed that their “travel experts” had scoured the continent to find and discover “the most outstanding places, unappreciated and often overlooked but that now it is well worth exploring.”

The authors of Lonely Planet take 45 years exploring every corner of the globe in search of hidden gems and new experiences on the road. This has been the sixth edition of the list, Best in Europe.


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