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Top 10 Vacation Places for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone can be synonymous with the adventure of your life. Find out how and where to do it.

Traveling alone can have many advantages. Having no companion, you will open more to the people and places you know on your trip and, most of the time, you will experience much larger adventures than you would have to go as a couple, family or group. Besides, you’re always going to end up doing whatever you want. No arguing for taking this path or that other, eating this or that, etc.

Traveling alone will get to know you better.

And now that we have convinced you, you ask yourself: and what are the best destinations for solo travelers? Well, we are going to propose a few and, besides, of gift, we will give you some rabbits to travel alone.

Best countries to travel alone

1. Thailand

We started with one of the countries to travel alone par excellence.

Traveling through Thailand is easy . Very easy. Infrastructures more than decent and connecting all its many tourist attractions; very low prices; people quite friendly (although they have already lost the naivety of a few decades ago); acceptable security; almost everyone who deals with the traveler speaks some English; and is packed with other travelers traveling alone.

Meeting people in places as beautiful as Koh Tao Island, Ayutthaya, Koh Phi Phi or Khao Yai National Park only depends on you and what you feel like.

2. New Zealand

Nature is the main protagonist of New Zealand. Its two islands seem to be a scale representation of almost every type of landscape you can find in the world. Tongariro volcanoes, Milford Sound fjords, Abel Tasman beaches, Lake Taupo and the Southern Alps are just one example.

In a country where – unlike your sister, Australia – there is not a predatory or poisonous animal or insect, you can camp virtually anywhere. There are buses that run through all the tourist spots and “kiwis” – as the New Zealanders are called – are great people who will open your house if you show yourself warm with them.

Undoubtedly, the best countries in the world to travel alone.

3. Ireland

From an eminent emigrant people who learned to laugh at themselves before metaphorical milk teeth came out, one can expect nothing but a warm welcome.

If you travel alone in Ireland and you find yourself downhill, you just have to do one thing: enter a pub. Wherever you are in this green country – not in vain, the island of Ireland is called the Emerald Isle – they will always treat you well.

If you add to it an ancestral and rich heritage, breathtaking landscapes and a great movement of travelers of all nationalities, Ireland can only be found in the rank of honor of the list of best countries in the world to travel alone.

4. Peru

Many lonely travelers are worried about safety when they think about traveling to South America. In some of the South American countries, they may be right, but the truth is that in all places they cook beans and, especially today, you no longer know where you can feel safe.

Peru is a very quiet country in this respect. Places as emblematic as Machu Picchu, Arequipa, the Cordillera de Los Andes, the beaches of Mancora or the Nazca lines, can be visited, without fuss, by a lonely traveler.

Very crowded by backpackers, it has a good transport network, accommodation (with a great variety and quantity of hostels) and very affordable prices.

5. Malawi

It gets even more complicated when we think about Africa. The lack of knowledge and the poor development of many African countries do not presage good destinations to travel alone. However, Africa, if you are willing to pass certain discomforts (due to the low quality and quantity of infrastructures), is a country that rewards you with a huge and passionate heart.

Malawi is a good destination to start. People calm, easy to move and with a huge lake, Malawi (known as Nyasa in the native language) that invites rest. Although at the lakeside resorts you will find other tourists, we advise you to take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the soul of sub-Saharan Africa.

6. Canada

According to the Americans, nothing happens in Canada. The truth is that the news that we receive from this huge country of North America can be counted on the fingers of one hand throughout the year. People friendly and peaceful, Canadians thank their curiosity to the lonely traveler.

Mother Nature plays a very important role in Canada, so if you are well equipped for outdoor living, and you have a good economic mattress for the trip, Canada may be the best country to travel alone in the world.

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7. Myanmar

Myanmar is an Asian gem that must be visited before it loses its halo of mysticism.

His people still have not lost their naivet̩ in a country that has suffered the longest dictatorship in modern history in Asia. When they see you traveling alone, the Burmese will ask you Рwith your little English Рwhere you are from, what you do there, whether you have family or partner, how long you stay or how you live in your country. They are honest, good and curious people who, until a few years ago, lived in total secrecy, isolated from an outside world that has run rampant in an evolution that happened there scarcely noticed.

Thousands of Bagan pagodas, Inle Lake, Kyaing Tong tribes or Imperial Mandalay … With still affordable prices (although they rise every year) and an improved tourist infrastructure, Myanmar is a safe country and open to the lonely tourist. A jewel whose fame begins to threaten to overshadow its beauty by mass tourism.

8. Greece

One of the countries hardest hit by the great economic crisis that began in the last decade and is still alive, Greece, has a value in tourism services that other European countries can hardly match.

The Greek culture is hospitable and, if you travel to more remote areas, you will be treated better than at home. A beautiful and safe country in which islands, culture, architecture, forests, and mountains await you.

9. Uruguay

Although countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia or Chile have better landscapes to offer you, the fact is that Uruguay is the better country to travel alone.

It is a safer place and, precisely because it is one of the great forgottens of South America, its people are very nice and open. You will find some travelers like you and a much more relaxed tourism than in the rest of the area. Tourism infrastructures offer less variety, but also in that lies its charm.

10. Spain

Our country is one of the most visited in the world and, why not, it is also worth doing it alone.

With one of the best free road networks in Europe, moving around Spain is very easy, and the value of your accommodation is great. You will find innumerable hostels where you can meet travelers from all over the world and friendly people in every corner.

Gastronomy, landscapes, variety, culture, history, decent prices, historical and architectural heritage … Spain has it all, even if you come alone.

Tips for traveling alone

1. Be Open to the world

Some lonely travelers are forced to do so, but there are many others who decide to travel alone around the world to live an adventure and to know themselves better. You must remember that these last two concepts go hand in hand.

If you travel alone and you lock yourself in your being, you will miss much of the best emotions and sensations of the trip. Take advantage of your solitude to open up to the local people and immerse yourself in their culture, but also to meet other travelers. To know is to know, both the environment and oneself.

2. Use common sense

Although we can not go around the world thinking that something is going to happen to us, to travel alone, you should have some common sense.

For example, in the big capitals of South America, you can play it if you walk through neighborhoods of doubtful reputation at 1 am, or you can walk in the broken ice of the Franz Josef Glacier (in New Zealand) without a guide.

There are temerities we might do if we knew we had someone to help us, but remember that you are alone.

3. Keep in touch with your loved ones

We do not just mean that you update your Facebook status and send daily photos of everything you are watching and living – that you can do it – but that there is someone, who can help you if necessary, always know where you are.

This can save your life if you have an accident on a trek that you did alone or any other setback that leaves you incommunicado. If you have to look for any reason, the only way is for someone to know where you are.

4. But learn to disconnect

It is ok to keep in touch with your people, but remember that if you are traveling alone voluntarily, it is to move away from that comfort zone and live new adventures. Being very anchored to the people and places you left behind will not live the experience to 100%.

5. If you are going to run a dangerous adventure, notify another traveler or the hotel, people

This advice can help you, many times, more than the previous one. If you go to an area where you will be without coverage or involve some danger, always notify the staff of the hostel or hotel where you were. Do the same with the travelers you have met in your last destination.

6. Rest

Traveling alone can be more exhausting than doing it together, both mentally and physically.

If you’ve been traveling alone for a while, you may miss certain people and things. On the other hand, you are sole in charge of all the logistics of the trip and the miles and experiences, over time, can go on billing.

Nothing happens. When you feel that you are saturated, find a good place to rest and relax. You do not get carried away by the typical traveling fever of wanting to see everything.

7. Do not hesitate to modify your route

If you are traveling alone, flexibility should be one of your maxims. During the trip, you will be much more exposed to things happening to you. You can fall in love, fall ill, meet your adventurous soul twin, temporarily join a group of travelers already formed … A thousand things.

Be flexible and let the current carry you. In 99.99% of cases, your trip will be enriched.

8. Eat well and stay healthy.

It’s never okay to fall ill, but when you travel alone, it’s even less recommended because there may not be anyone to help you (much less, your mother). Try to stay healthy and strong during the trip, eating well and avoiding, as far as possible, party or physical excesses.

9. Live with the locals

If you travel alone for a country, the best way to connect with the local culture is to live with the locals. Pages like Couchsurfing allow you to do so.

Do not refuse honest invitations from residents who see you alone and, always with common sense, accept to move to the place of your hand.

10. Entertainment

Yes, you will meet people and others, but remember: you travel alone. You’ll spend hours on buses, planes, forests, beaches, roads. Alone. And you’re not going to be looking at yourself all that time because that’s a clear cut to insanity.

Books, smartphones, laptops. It always comes in handy to have these things to entertain you during those many dead hours.

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