10 Budget Holiday Destinations in the World 2017

Watch 10 Travel Destinations for those who are looking for budget travel.

If you are looking for budget-friendly vacation destinations, then you have come to the right place. We bring you some of the top 10 Travel destinations for those who are looking for cheapest holiday destinations in the world in 2017

1. NEPAL – #1 Cheapest Place to travel in Asia

Nepal remains a fabulous choice for budget travelers, who enjoy their famous hiker routes and their undervalued wildlife for less than $ 50 a day. Tourism is also recovering, and it is a good time to return to the majestic Nepalese mountains. The traveler will be well received everywhere since amount spend by travelers bring vital financial aid for Nepal.

2. NAMIBIA – Cheapest Travel Destination in Africa

In the Namibian desert, you can see some of the highest dunes in the world

The value of the Namibian dollar, linked to the South African rand, has depreciated against several currencies in recent years, which is a good opportunity to visit this surprising country. Namibia offers spectacular experiences: watching wildlife of the desert in the Etosha National Park, amazing wild excursions by the Fish River Canyon or surf sand in Sossusvlei dunes stunning. It is advisable to avoid African and European school vacation periods, especially in late December and January, to opt for the best-priced flights, which usually connect in Johannesburg, or to search for seasonal charter flights from Frankfurt (Germany) operated by Condor. Hegreat blue sky, in contrast to the starry nights, unforgettable for those who visit Namibia, is not expensive at all.

3. Porto – Most Budget Friendly Vacation Spot in Portugal


It seems incredible that this European city is off the tourist radars given its superb location next to the Duero and it’s excellent and affordable gastronomic offer and accommodation; not to mention the fleet of low-cost airlines from all over Europe and direct flights from New York, which make traveling to Porto easier than ever. The second city of Portugal has, for little money, a handful of museums, ancient trams that delight the fans of transport, and a pebble beach an hour’s walk along the river bank. Its charismatic wineries offer wine tours and wine tastings at a very good price, and it is easy to organize day trips to vineyards in the area. The typical sandwich of the city, the spectacular francesinha, with steak, ham, sausage, cheese and a rich tomato sauce, full enough to be the only thing you need to eat all day; and, moreover, with a meal.


Good prices and Venice are two terms almost antagonistic, but no one should miss the city ​​of canals, and many travelers visit it in the hope of not costing an eye to the face. For this, they look for accommodation in Mestre, or even in Treviso, and go by train to Venice to spend the day, even though with this option are discarded night walks or osterie nights (bars). Now, Venetians rent apartments and rooms through Airbnb and similar pages, and it is possible to stay in the city without being ruined. If you remain in a touristy area and have a kitchen, you can eat at home, save money on transportation to and from the city, and be the first in line at the points of interest.


Concealed with the naked eye beyond Budapest, it is the second largest city in the country and the heart of Hungary more economical. Connected to seven European countries with low-cost airlines, it is opening up to international visitors. Debrecen is rich in history, but the most modern influences have given rise to a prosperous artistic panorama, and the streets are filled with summer festivals. What makes the difference in this city is its location on the edge of the Hungarian puszta (eastern plains). With the charm of the Hungarian cowboys and the Hortobágy National Park, it is a region where the romantic vision predominates traditional Hungary. It is part of a Europe in which it is possible to find a good offer and feel like an international pioneer; something unusual and about to disappear in this part of the world.

6. BELIZE – You will find Cheap belize travel packages

It is considered one of the most expensive destinations in Central America, but you have to look at it with different eyes. It is a place to practice scuba diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean, and visit Mayan ruins like Caracol in the deepest jungle rich in wildlife that exists only in Central America. And it does not require large displacements since Belize is the same size as Wales or Massachusetts. Its proximity to Mexico and the Caribbean guarantees a lively panorama of street food, with exceptional value for eating well for little money. Of course, there are large resorts in Ambergris Caye, but to the south, in Placencia and Hopkins, there is a beach environment relaxed that still does not appear on the tourist map.


Stable, accessible and still exotic, it offers an intense and low-cost East experience. There is no other place so close, so easy to visit and so different for Europeans. Marrakech, still a must-have city has more accommodation than ever before and, despite the crowds, retains its timeless combination of the frenetic and the cozy. Essaouira, once an extra on any visit to Marrakech, is now accessible with direct flights from London and Paris. And the port city of Tangier also lives a renaissance, with new hotels and reforms that revive its once battered old town.

8. RUSSIA – You will find plenty of travel agencies offering cheap travel packages to Russia


With the price of the ruble at tempting levels of change – at least while these lines were written – no one will be surprised that tourism in Russia is going up. Is it a good time to visit the country? It depends on ‘how’ you visit.It is also a good time to visit the great sights of St. Petersburg. It is advisable to be alert to exchange rates; although they are not at all advantageous, in 2018 the country will experience an increase in tourism and prices thanks, toWorld football, another reason to travel now.

9. BELLARINE PENINSULA – Top 10 Budget Destination in AUSTRALIA


The Bellarine peninsula has been for generations the destination of Melburnians seeking a quiet (sleepy) getaway, but now this area of ​​Victoria has interesting attractions with its endless beaches and historic towns like Queenscliff and Portarlington. Jack Rabbit Winery and Flying Brick Cider are two of the new destinations that attract attention, along with a greenway for cyclists, tide pools, snorkeling, and surfing. Bellarine is a ferry ride from the well-known Mornington peninsula and is a good place to spend a couple of nights before continuing along Great Ocean Rd.

10. Michigan Upper Peninsula – No.1 Cheap Vacation Spot in the US

If the traveler is not an American, he may read this and ask “where?”; you may even be wondering if it is but is not native to the Midwest. Be that as it may, be prepared to discover a region endowed with attractions that rival national treasures. It is an area of ​​stunning natural beauty, full of cities and towns that look like illustrations by Norman Rockwell. Being primarily a destination for Midwesterners, prices are reasonable, there are usually no large crowds, and the atmosphere is simple and relaxed. It has historic lighthouses, hundreds of miles of beaches and lakeside, some of the oldest forests in the country, and more than 300 waterfalls, from the simplest to the most spectacular. Mackinac Island, without cars, attracts many visitors: its interior, of 10 km 2, is full of picturesque shops and beautiful views.

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