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What is the meaning of Wanderlust

Helios7 brings you best information and definition of Wanderlust. It is not necessary to have a planned destination always. Only the urge to plan a trip as soon as you have the savings is something which is sufficient. Traveling has become a hobby for many young people, such as playing an instrument or doing sports.

Wanderlust in a Sentence

Wanderlust can be best described as a strong desire to travel

Meaning of Wanderlust


“Not all who wander are lost” – J. R. R.

However, many young people have begun to see in the option of traveling a way of escape to a job, a responsibility or a life, in short, routine, and take advantage of every opportunity to get out of the comfort zone looking for new experiences that relate well to your back, or through social networks. The meaning of wanderlust lies in the desires of traveler who loves travelling.

Thanks in part to the fact that, today, the flights ‘low cost’, the promotions, projects such as the ‘interrail’ or european policies that have favored the transit cheap and, of course, the internet, have made travel much more accessible to pockets of young people.

More Wanderlust Definition

To this impulse by becoming a nomad in the XXI century is known as the syndrome of ‘Wanderlust’, a term which comes from the German, and is composed of two words: ‘wandern’, which means ‘wandering’ and ‘lust’, whose translation is ‘passion’. The translation of both less literal would be “passion for travel”, or what is the same, you feel a strong impulse or desire to travel and explore the world.

In Spanish there is a term that is closer to the German word, but the meaning of which has a certain negative connotation: ‘dromomanía’ or “leaning or obsession pathological by moving from one place to another,” according to the RAE.

And, unlike the English term, the German has become fashionable and often appears as the argument of a style of life in ‘hashtags’ on social networks, posters, illustrations, photographs and there are even those who decide to get a tattoo that clearly reads: meaning ‘wanderlust’.

For people who identify with this concept, the baggage is not one of the pillars of your trip, on the contrary, they weigh more the improvisation and curiosity, therefore, if you encounter setbacks, because they will find a way to solve them. The same thing happens with the famous ‘souvenir’, which are relegated to investing your money in experiences. In addition, their outings are tailored to the time available, but it’s never too: if you only have three days, is the perfect occasion, but if you can enjoy several months, too.

But peace of mind, this so-called syndrome is not a disease, nor can it be diagnose as such, it is rather the interpretation of that out of your environment is a way of escape, a form of rejection into a life-style routine that seems to be putting the person in the monotony.

WanderLust Definition in Hindi


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