Top 10Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

List of Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2017 brings you World's Top 10 Honeymoon destinations of 2017.

Your honeymoon has to be more than perfect and magical. It gives you time to spend unforgettable moments with your life partner. brings you list of top 10 honeymoon destinations in the world as on 2017.If you are searching for breathtaking landscapes, exotic stays and at the same time full of romance, these 10 beautiful honeymoon destinations will make your trip be one of the best they will do in their entire lives.

World’s Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

1. Bali, Indonesia

It is Top among the ten best destinations in the world to go honeymoon.

Bali is also known as the island of the gods and has all the elements to enjoy a relaxed honeymoon in a heavenly environment. Its known for its beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, unique landscapes and natural treasures. Bali gives you amazing cultural experiences that you and your life partner can enjoy, such as visits to dance shows, immense jungle, magical temples, and to the majestic ricefields.

2. Phuket, Thailand

The amazing island of Phuket is one of the top 10 destinations in Thailand. From blue lagoons to beautiful sunsets, Phuket can offer you an unforgettable cultural experience.

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you wish to spend whole days in the sun, stay in a private bungalow near the sea and watch beautiful sunsets with your life partner while appreciating the calm of the sea, Bora Bora is the perfect destination for your dream honeymoon. Together you can do different activities like catamaran excursions and have a picnic, paddle in the kayak, character the giant blankets, among many others.

4. Santorini, Greece

Santorini Island is part of the Cyclades, and it is a truly romantic scenario and perfect to spend the honeymoon. Its beauty is amazing and its beaches even more. Due to a volcanic explosion on this island, it has black or red sand beaches along with deep blue water like Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, and many others.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

It is the perfect destination for couples looking for beautiful urban locations and relaxing with beautiful scenery. You can also do different activities during the day such as bungee jumping, and much more at the beautiful location.

6. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destination due to its nature and landscapes. From the pointed mountains to its beaches of Eden, they make this island an exotic destination for any couple looking for days full of romance. Do not forget to book a spa treatment in the luxury resorts of the island or visit the hot springs of the caldera from an extinct volcano where you can together take a mud-bath or in the Roman hot springs of 31 ° C.

7. Cancun, Mexico

Its beautiful Mayan ruins, along with extraordinary food and luxurious hotels with beautiful beaches will make you spend an unforgettable honeymoon. If you love nightlife, Cancun offers an amazing luxurious restaurants, bars and dance venues that you will wish the night never ends.

8. Florence, Italy

Florence is well known as the city of lovers, and the perfect destination to spend your honeymoon. You can visit the Accademia Gallery of Florence, where Michelangelo’s David is exhibited, or walk along the famous Ponte Vecchio and Piazza Signora. Florence is surely going to give an artistic and unique touch to your honeymoon.

9. Alberta, Canada

Those who love nature, exploring the woods and being far away from civilization surrounded by beautiful mountains, Alberta is the perfect destination for you. Alberta can ensure beautiful scenery in every season and offers various luxurious hotels.

10. Maldives Islands

If you are searching for an isolated and intimate place but at the same time beautiful to enjoy as a couple then the Maldives Islands are the perfect destination.

Now, you just have to choose the destination you like, and that’s it! Get ready to enjoy the best trip of your life.

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