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How to Find All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages ?

honeymoon europeWhether you go to the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe or the Mexican Pacific, there will always be the uncertainty that your Honeymoon Travel Package is as promised.

Do you know what Honeymoon packages include? How do they work and what does an all-inclusive package include?

This should contain the Honeymoon Packages :
Travel packages are deals or lodging promotions that travel agencies set up for certain dates or seasons. For example, Easter, summer holidays, off-season or Christmas. Usually, they are packages for two people but can be customized according to the taste and needs of each one. Some travel packages offer transportation, whether by bus, plane or just airport transfers to the hotel and vice versa.

How All Inclusive Destination Packages Work ?

There are also variants such as honeymoon packages, student travel packages, graduation travel packages, anniversary packages, packages for quinceañeras, or circuits that are trips that go through several cities, towns or points of interest and have a duration of up to 7 days.

Your Best Honeymoon packages may or may not include:

  • Lodging.
  • Food and drinks
  • Shared or private transfer
  • Tours or Activities
  • Tour guide
  • Flights
  • Bus
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Tickets to places
  • Free Activities
  • And usually do NOT include:

Personal expenses

  • Unspecified food and drink
  • Pre-selection of seats for flights
  • Optional Activities

Where to look for cheap honeymoon travel packages?

First of all, to always vacation with cheap travel packages, you must have dates that can be flexible. That is, do not hold on to travel on a certain day, as it may be that a week before or a week after the date you have considered, find a better price in your package.

Plan to find and find cheap travel packages

Now, the travel packages that you find on the internet are based on the most economical rate of a certain period. Once you have that information, consider moving your vacation to those dates. Otherwise, you would have to pay some difference. It is not misleading advertising, simply that as we mentioned, there are high seasons and low seasons.

Another thing you should consider to find cheap travel packages is anticipation. If you plan your trip longer, you can find not only cheap packages but more options to pay comfortably, for example, fixed payments, months without interest, biweekly payments, monthly payments, etc., Anticipation is a winning tactic to save in your journey!.

I recommend you to enter this link where you will find: Offers and Cheap Travel Packages.

Top 10 All-Inclusive Honeymoon Travel Packages, what do they include?

Do you know what an all-inclusive package is? In principle, this is the food plan operated by the hotels, but it may have some variants, since an “all-inclusive” trip may not necessarily include everything, (although it sounds ironic).

We mentioned paragraphs behind what is possible and not include a travel package in general, so in this case we will talk more about the different hosting plans offered by hotels :

All-Inclusive Hotels

They are also known as all-inclusive hotels, if you book packages at all inclusive hotels, it means that you can be entitled to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner at no cost during your stay. Also, all alcoholic beverages (free bars), refreshments and fresh waters are already included, it is a wise choice so you do not have to worry about food while you are at the hotel.

The quality of food can vary depending on the category of the hotel. If your stay is long, say more than three days, consider a hotel that has good restaurants, because you may seem repetitive the menu of some hotels that only have a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Honeymoon Packages in Hotels that are not all inclusive:

There are holiday packages that do not include food or beverages, or a different food plan to the all-inclusive, are known as packages in European plan, continental breakfast, American breakfast or buffet breakfast:

Honeymoon Packages with Hotels with European Plan

If the travel package you want to book is “European Plan,” it means that it only includes the room, without any food or drinks. It is an option for business travel packages, short stays, eating out of the hotel or because they are cheap packages.

Packages with Continental Breakfast

As the name suggests, the package includes a very simple breakfast consisting of juice, fruit, bread, and coffee. Sure before noon, you will be hungry, but let’s say it is a breakfast “to wake up,” enjoy the first waves of the sea and then eat something more nutritious.

Honeymoon Hotel Packages with American Breakfast

It is a package that is served with eggs. It includes the same as the continental breakfast but also includes a couple of eggs to taste. Very good if you are used to a light breakfast, as this will be enough to not worry about food, at least until noon.

Honeymoon Hotel Packages with Breakfast Buffet

Stop now that there is mud! Ideal for those who wake up hungry and wanting to eat the world. Although the variety of food varies according to the category of the hotel, in these types of travel packages with breakfast buffet you can choose from several food options during breakfast with no limit as well as drinks.

Non-all inclusive hotel travel packages

Now that you know, it’s up to you to decide what kind of plan you want your travel package to have.

Is it safe to book a honeymoon travel package online?

Yes and no, it all depends on who you book with. First of all, look at your social networks, that the activity you observe indicates that you are already a travel agency with time in the market, the number of followers and the comments of your customers, search on twitter, on youtube channels and channels.

After visiting any website, make sure your website includes ” https ” at the beginning, as this indicates that all the operations performed on this page are encrypted by an SSL security certificate, and therefore, you can enter your data credit card and book with confidence.

That would be the basics, then contact the agency and investigate, because they can confuse you, there are cheap travel packages that you can find on the internet of 9,000 pesos in a luxury hotel for two people that include flights and to travel in high season. Well, just investigate a little to find out that those 9,000 pesos do not cover the cost of flights back and forth and that’s where the frauds come with travel packages and surprises. Keep an eye out!.

Booking Honeymoon Travel Packages and Places

Booking vacation packages online can be very comfortable, but it also has a process. First of all, whatever travel agency you book, your trip will only be guaranteed until the moment you make the section or the total payment.

You do not necessarily have to enter credit card details on the travel agency’s website, since you can choose from several payment options, such as bank transfer, bank deposit or cash payment at convenience stores. Normally you have 24 hours to make the payment. Otherwise, your travel package is canceled.

So before paying, you can take advantage of the time you have to communicate with the travel agency and clarify any doubts you have about how to book, the process or your trip in general.

Tell your adviser everything, like about your travel package!

You can have in mind a budget, dates and travel plan, but who can help you choose and put together a package to your liking for that tranquil travel is a travel adviser.

Organize a package for group travel or a trip.

Make sure that the accommodation for children is FREE.
If they are newlyweds, they can help you get a free dinner by sea, decorate your room for the wedding night among other romantic details.

Help you with the selection of activities or tours in your package.

  • Customize a package that you liked.
  • Get cheap flights for your package.
  • Help with the airport – hotel – airport transfers.
  • Help you organize a graduation trip.
  • Help you with a surprise trip for your anniversary.
  • Offer several options and facilities for your payment (with or without card).
  • Help you with any inconvenience before, during or even after your trip.

Hope you will find some of the best honeymoon package information. Please share if you like this post.

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