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Top 10 things to see and do in Santander Spain

So you are interested in 10 Things to do here in Santader Spain. However, you can do lot more. We have compiled a list of 40 best things to do in Santader.

Santander is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain . If you have never visited, you will think this is an exaggeration. On the other hand, if you know her, or you are lucky enough to live there, you know that this statement is totally true. The Santanderans are aware that there may be some other city that lives up to it, but in the background Santander occupies a privileged place in our personal ranking of charming cities. If you are thinking of coming to visit us follow this compilation with the best plans to do in Santander and you will see how you will love it.

Santander has several conditions that make it a perfect city : it is not a big city, it is easily manageable, you can move easily by it and it has sea. Ah! And a spectacular bay from which you can see the sea and the mountain at a glance. Even in winter, if the day is clear, you can see the snowy mountains from the bay. What more could you want?

40 Things to see and do in Santander Spain

1. Get a selfie with the Statues of the Raqueros that are near the Maritime Club.

2. Take a walk on the Sardinero “there is no equal in the whole world”.

3. Take a good stew and a ration of Cantabrian cheeses in the “Fuente Dé” bodega , a legendary bar in Santander.

4. Go from booth in booth looking for the best skirt fair during the Fair of Santiago .

5. Go up the funicular of the Rio de la Pila and enjoy the views from above, they are free!

6. Start the Canarian night of canes in the Plaza de Cañadio.

7. Go up to the Lighthouse of Cabo Mayor , the views from there deserve it. If it makes good take a cane in the bar that is right next to </s>.

8. Make a pinchos route for Santander , among the bars essential is the ” Casa Lita “, “El Diluvio”, or “El Rampalay” among others.

9. Take a walk on the Mataleñas path , it is not very well known by tourists but it is beautiful, it’s spring because there are not many people and the views are unbeatable.

10. Sit down in the Jardines de Piquío and take a good photo of the Sardinero from there.

11. Play some shovels on the beach in summer.

Best Things to see and do in Santander

12. Discover the camel-shaped rock on Camel Beach .

13. Take a tour of the mythical Jardines de Pereda and see the carousel in the center of the park, and the Monument to José María de Pereda.

14. If you come to Santander with children do not forget to visit the Maritime Museum , the little ones will love it.

15. Nor to take them to see the seals and penguins to the Magdalena Peninsula .

16. Since you are going to see the Magdalena zoo, take a walk through all the gardens of the Magdalena and stay flipped by how beautiful the site is, the best of Santander. If you want to take the tourist train that we call “Magdaleno”, go up to the Palace of Magdalena and take a tour around the peninsula.

More than top 10 Things to see and do in Santander

17. For you to integrate like a real Santander you can say typical words of here. In Santander the slopes are ” Pindias” , and they do not wear t-shirts but ” spays”.

18. If you come at Christmas, do not forget to take a Christmas walk in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and surroundings under the watchful eye of the lights and the tree. And it skates in winter in the ice rink that is in the Place Porticada .

19.- Book a tour bus tour around Santander directly here .

20. Take some churros in the chocolate shop Áliva (valid for both the afternoon and breakfast if you were complicated the night of party).

21. Eat a good tortilla skewer in Quebec, in Manila or recently discovered the skewer of the Pizza Garden. It tasted great!

22. And an XL ice cream from Regma , probably the biggest ice cream you’ll ever see, although these are the most typical of Santander I’m more of a fan of Capri.

23. Approach to the Palace of the Embarcadero and the Stone Crane that is right next to it, are places with charm.

24. Take a bike and take a walk around the Paseo Marítimo de Santander . If your body holds, do not hesitate to reach the Sardinero .

Things to see and do in Santander

25. See the imposing Banco Santander building on Paseo Pereda.

26. Ask for a median in Pombo.

27. Sunbathe on some of the wonderful beaches of Santander : the Bikinis, the Sardinero, and do not forget Mataleñas, the Bocal, the Playa de la Maruca or the Virgin of the Sea. Ays! There are so many and they are all so beautiful.

28. Watch a sunrise from the bay , to be a day with a south wind. Did you know that it is one of the most beautiful bays in the world?

29. See the little boats that are in Puerto Chico and think that you would love to have one.

Things to see and do in Santander

30. Take some rabas in any bar in Santander because you go where you go and they will be great.

31. Cross the passage of Peña from which you go or return from the stations and see the pictures of the children painted on the wall of the tunnel.

32. If you are partying you will also have to close Malaspina , Rocambole or Indian once in a lifetime.

33. See the Cathedral of Santander , although the Santanderans themselves know that it is not the most beautiful in the world.

34. Go for a walk to the Parque de las Llamas or to play sports there.

35. Take the Reginas boat and go to spend a day at ” El Puntal ” and enjoy the breathtaking views of Santander from the bay .

36. With a little luck, see finished the New Boot Center, which will open in 2016?

37. There are also more museums in Santander such as the Museum of Prehistory , or the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art .

38. See the building of the Gran Casino del Sardinero , one of my favorites in Santander.

39. Take some photo with the Island of Mouro against backdrop.

40. Refuge of a rainy day taking something in the Eastern Market .

And by the way, do not forget to bring an umbrella “just in case” , here you never know when it can rain 😉.

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