What is there to do in la coruna spain

1. Visit the symbol of the city, the Tower of Hercules.

Have you ever climbed one of the tallest preserved buildings of Roman times? With its approximately 37.2 m high, the Tower of Hercules has one of the best views of the city. It is the only Roman lighthouse in the world that from its origins to the present day continues in operation.

2 . Take a tapa at the La Bombilla bar.

Since 1937 this bar has filled the stomachs of anyone who lends to eat standing up chatting in good company. Both good typical Spanish tapas for € 1 (tortilla, croqueta, fillet …), as well as its location in the center of the atmosphere of the night Coruña, make it a classic.

3. Go to Marineda City, one of the largest Shopping Centers in Europe.

Whether you love shopping or hating, whether you love fast food or healthy food, going to the cinema or bowling alley … after wandering around its restaurants, leisure centers and around 200 shops, you will not be able to say that You have not been able to buy those pants that you were looking for or that you are still hungry.

4. Take photos to tourist mode in front of the Plaza de María Pita.

One of the most photographed places in the city by tourists. Why? For fulfilling the requirements of a good selfie: beautiful background scenery, good light and a wide square to look for your best angle.

5. Visit the Castillo de San Antón.

Yes, you read well, we also have a castle! Built in the 16th century, it has been used as a defensive building, prison and even to isolate sailors who came to the city affected by an infectious disease. Today it is an archaeological and historical museum, and inside you can see exhibitions on the history of Galicia and Coruña.

6. On Sundays stay with your friends in the bars on Calle San Juan.

On the last day of the week the city goes out, it stops having as much movement and bustle as daily. But there is a hidden place that is part of the exception that confirms the rule: the bars of San Juan Street. Any Sunday afternoon of the year is overflowing with people drinking vermouth, talking and listening to live music. It is essential to live it to understand it.

7. Eat octopus to the fair in the inn A Lanchiña.

Galicia is the land of seafood and, as you may have already heard, we love to eat octopus, but not in any way! We love the traditional recipe called ‘octopus to the fair’ . There are many places in Coruña where you can go to try it, but our recommendation is to go to the inn A Lanchiña, specialized in this delicacy.

8. Check with your own eyes because Coruña is the city of glass.

Along the Avenida de la Marina the buildings have a unique architecture perfectly adapted to the climate of the city: buildings with galleries and large stained glass, which prevent the entrance of water to the houses and at the same time allow their illumination with natural light. This is why Coruña is known as the city ​​of glass .

9. Drinking the best beer in the world at Estrella Galicia Brewery.

Brewery set in the same place as the original Estrella Galicia factory. They serve all the varieties of beer made in the wine cellar of A Coruña, as well as skewers and rations. With the passage of time it has become a place of worship for brewers and a proof of it is that it is always overflowing with people.

10. Try new flavors in the best ice cream parlors.

Who does not like to enjoy a good ice cream? Although there are many places to buy them, we suggest you try the ice cream shops: Real, Colón and La Italiana. Their ice cream is so rich that we can not recommend a single place!

11. Watch Dawn from the Club Beach Club.

Would you like to dance in a nightclub overlooking the sea? And see the sunrise lying on the sand? Then do it! The Club Playa disco combines both in one place, one of those pleasures that this city offers.

12. Go shopping at “Los Mallos”, a traditional street market.

Every Tuesday and Saturday of the year there is an open-air flea market on the esplanade A Sardiñeira. Integrated by 195 varied positions among which prevail the ones of textile and footwear. A place to look for bargains is not an impossible mission. Try it!

13. Go to the Square of Humor.

Enjoying art for free is possible just by going to this square located opposite the San Agustín Market. In it there are drawings of various international comic characters like Asterix and Obelix; Spaniards like Mortadelo and Filemón or even Galician authors like Castelao and Vicente Risco.

14. View the city from the Mount of San Pedro.

The best best views of the city you will find in this former defensive point. And if you’re picky … to say that it also has an English maze, a duck pond, several cannons, war machines, a panoramic elevator, a restaurant … What more do you want?

15. Go for wines and tapas to the street of the Barrier.

There are many areas in the glass city where to go for wines and tapas but we recommend La Barrera street especially for its atmosphere and charm, its location and variety in locals … and because we know you will end up recommending it!

16. Go to the House of Sciences and fall asleep in the Planetarium.

Despite being a science museum, it is not the typical science museum, it is interactive and suitable for all audiences. It has a planetarium and … raise your hand who has not fallen asleep on it! It is frequent and surprising at the same time: seeing the stars relaxes the mind of the visitor.

17. Have breakfast at the International Cafeteria after a night of partying.

Local pilgrimage by the party people who after a good night want to eat breakfast before going home to sleep. Located in a central area, in it you can satisfy your hunger and your palate. Also, the taxi rank is very close.

18. Watch a football match at Riazor Stadium.

The city has a football stadium where the Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña plays. If you like football you have a pending appointment to support them and chant their songs, every good lover of this sport does it!

19. Go to the Domus.

Museum dedicated to the characteristics of the human being. Through more than 200 interactive activities you can learn about, for example, nutrition, reproduction or genetics.

20. Visit the Aquarium.

The Aquarium Finisterrae, also known as the House of the Fish, is situated on the seashore with a large fixed exposure and a temporary exposure to the marine world. But the main attraction is the seals, specifically the moment that the caregivers feed them, is a spectacle. Find out about the schedule and do not miss it. Also, good news: entry is free with your UDC student card!

21. Stay with someone at the Obelisk.

Its good location and communication makes it the most crowded Meeting Point. And yes, maybe you’re the one who plays pringar and wait for that friend who is always late, but you will not be bored because you end up talking to your friends who are in the same situation.

22. Bathing in Riazor.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the case of the photos of Riazor beach, they speak for themselves! For something it will always have tourists visiting it and Coruñeses enjoying it.

23. Enjoy a play at the Teatro Colón.

We are talking about going to the Teatro Colón but we could do the same of the Rosalía de Castro Theater, Metropolitan Forum or Agora Center. If the intention is to see theater, either is perfectly valid. But Columbus has a je ne sais quoi difficult to explain, perhaps it’s architecture or history …

24. Sing “Live in Coruña how beautiful it is, partying and sleeping on foot …” when you go with party friends.

It was 1983 when the Galician singer Ana Kiro began to sing the song Vivir na Coruña that pretty is, song that speaks of how beautiful it is to live in this city and of the possibility to leave of party to finish sleeping standing. Reason why every good coruñés loves to sing it on any occasion.

25. Find the archaeological excavations of Elviña Castro.

This castro is a fortified settlement characteristic of the castreña culture of the northwest of the Iberian peninsula and one of the biggest of the northern Galicia. The tour is free and includes a guide, it is not necessary the reservation, only to be informed of the opening hours. You will be surprised to see how close it is to the Elviña campus.

26. Take a chocolate with churros in Bonilla to the Vista.

The chocolate with churros is a typical Spanish dish consumed during the winter and very early hours breakfast or snack. It is a contrast of flavors, the bitter sweetness of the hot chocolate mixed with the oily and crunchy taste of the churro make the perfect pair. The best ones you will find in the churrilla Bonilla a la Vista, where you should also try the potato chips from the Galician company itself.

27. To suffer an unplanned downpour.

No matter how many times you look at weather forecasts, Galicia will never hit you!

The clouds that pass through Coruña are very naughty and never warn when they will begin to download. Therefore, if one day falls a shower without warning and you do not have an umbrella, we have a Spanish saying that is: “bad weather, good face”.

28. Always leave home with a jacket just in case .

Sorry, but rain is not the only meteorological warning, we also have sudden temperature changes. That is why every good cautious Galician leaves home with a jacket, even if it is hot, because he knows that it is likely that at night refresh .

29. Drinking tea in the old city’s tearooms.

Yes, we may not be experts in tea, yes, we confess … but anyway we have some teapots in the old city that are worth visiting for their carpets, cushions, rugs, pastries, teas and other surprises. A small oasis of relaxation and peace in an energetic city!

30. Take a snack at the Rogelio Bar.

If there is a mythical site of Coruña to eat snacks that is the Rogelio. In addition to classic sandwiches, his specialty is the Guerrilleros and the Cannibals. Do you dare to try them?

31. Remember that A Coruña is the city in which no one is a stranger .

Do you know the slogan of the city? Do you hear the phrase A Coruña, the city where no one is a stranger ?

In fact, it is the slogan that describes a reality. The feeling of each person comes that, after a short time, has the feeling that it is from here of all life. This is the magic of Coruña, it is cozy!

32. Skip the bonfires on the day of San Juan on the beach.

On June 23 , the shortest and most magical night of the year, the night of San Juan is celebrated. Through the streets and beaches of the city fires are lit to welcome the summer. It is said that if you jump 9 times above the fire you will get protection and good suerta. If you try, do not forget that the fire always burns and makes pupa.

33. Buy a tenth in the La Favorita Administration (before December 22).

The Christmas Lottery is one of the most popular lottery draws in Spain. We all go crazy because we touch the Gordo – is the name given to the maximum possible prize, about 400,000 € – and for that touch there is buy a tenth, if possible in La Favorita … say it gives good luck!

34. Visit the town of Maria Pita.

During Christmas there is a beautiful Christmas village in the Plaza de María Pita. It is advisable to see it at night, its lighting has a special charm that will love you.

35. Take chestnuts on Royal Street at Christmas.

In the past, chestnut was the basis of the Galician diet for having a great caloric intake. But over time it has been replaced by frequent use of the potato.

Nowadays, from October until January they are usually roasted to eat as an aperitif or snack. You can buy them freshly roasted and ready to eat in one of the stands of chestnuts located in the Calle Real.

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