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Top 10 Must Visit Places in Korea

Many times I’ve asked myself if I travel to Korea where will I go that I will see where it gives because I’m going to go?

10 tourist places that deserve to be visited during your stay in the country. The elegant mountains, the beauty of the sea and the historical monuments that are found in every part of the country, are places of attraction for all those tourists who visit Korea. If you want to live and enjoy a complete trip, do not miss the top 10 tourist spots in Korea.

So let’s start

1: Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is one of the oldest and you can find an infinite variety of products, street food, merchants selling loudly, etc., ie different types of traditional images. The Dongdaemun Market is exclusive for clothes, and also works at night. From 10 o’clock until 5 o’clock the next morning, the market is lit up and full of people who walk and buy.

The Myeong-dong district is one of the most famous places among foreign tourists. In all the seasons of the year it is frequented by the people, and visited, in particular, by many young elegant and beautiful. The streets of Insa-dong are also one of Korea’s traditional places, as you will find a variety of antique paintings, pottery, crafts, etc. And in every corner of the way are the traditional tea houses, the rice cakes, the Korean liquors, etc.

2: Bulguksa Temple

Gyeongju is named as the “homeless museum”, since every corner of the city preserves historical monuments from the thousand years of the Silla Dynasty (57 BC ~ 935 AD). Among them are the Seokguram Cave and the Bulguksa Temple, as they were designated as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Especially, the pagoda of the temple, decorated on granite with engravings of figures of lotus flowers and bamboo, is one of the places where tourists do not forget to take the photos. Seokguram Cave has a domed roof, consisting of 360 square stones. The cave, built with previously unknown techniques, and the gemstone located on the front of the Buddha, shine even more at dawn.

3: DMZ

The DMZ is the area where you can observe the Alto el Fuego line between South Korea and North Korea, the only divided country in the world. It is a demilitarized zone that restricts the access of people, which is why a great variety of species of rare plants and animals can be observed. You will also be able to see the security agents of both countries, and through the viewpoints it is possible to see the citizens of North Korea

4: Jagalchi Festival of Busan, Haeundae Beach

The port city of Busan is one of the most beautiful cities surrounded by the sea, which, along the coastline and the white sand of the beach, presents a spectacular harmony. Especially the Haeundae Beach is visited by many foreign tourists during the summer season. In addition, Jagalchi Market, which is nearby, is one of the largest fishing markets in the country. It has a great variety of seafood and fresh fish, which can be sliced ​​and tasted at the moment.

5: The Island of Jeju-do

Jeju-do Island is located south of the Korean Peninsula and was formed by the volcanic eruption. In June 2007 was designated as a Natural Heritage by UNESCO, and the beauty of this island was recognized internationally. Beginning with Baengnokdam Lake of Hallasan Mountain, which retains a legend about the gods who relished it to rest in the water, the Yongam caves with their stone columns, which despite their antiquity, their structures remain impeccable, The peak of the Seongsan Mountain, from which you can observe the sunrise next to the cliff of the coastline, etc., among other tourist places of the island, where you can feel and live the beauty of nature.

6: Andong Hahoe Village, Traditional Korean Village

If you are intrigued by the everyday life of the ancient Koreans, visit the Traditional Korean Village and the Hahoemaeul Village. In one place you can see the daily culture, from the traditional games, to the housing articles and the old houses of our ancestors. Especially the Hahoemaeul Village, it presents the old houses in the traditional style “Hanok”, which, today, are still inhabited by the villagers and in which tourists are offered shelter. In addition, from March to November, every Saturday and Sunday, at 15:00 a free demonstration of the Hahoebyeolsin Mask Dance is performed.

7: Haeinsa Temple, Tongdosa Temple, Songgwangsa Temple

The temples of Korea are located high in the mountains, so they have a beautiful harmony with nature. The Haeinsa Temple, located on Gayasan Mountain, is one of the three main temples of the country, which retains the Korean Tripitaka, which is the most comprehensive collection of Buddhist texts. This collection is one of the national treasures and was designed to protect the country from foreign invasions.

The Tongdosa Temple is famous for not possessing the Buddha statue, but instead has the relics (the bones of Buddha), therefore it is recommended to visit it without fail. Songgwangsa Temple, also called as the “Prison of Heaven”, means that it is a place where clouds and winds settle to rest. It is an ideal place to rest, both body and soul. And, finally, the Haedongyonggungsa Temple is one of the most famous places for tourists visiting Busan. Being located near the sea has a spectacular view, it also has the largest Buddha statue in the country, with sculptures with dragon shapes and rock that fulfills desires, among other attractions

8: Seoraksan National Park, Jirisan Mountain, Geumgangsan Mountain

As one mountaineer rightly responded to the question he was asked about the reasons why he climbed the mountains, and the answer was: Because they were present there, Korea is a country made up of mountains and this is reason enough To be the ideal place for mountaineering. And among them, Seoraksan, Jirisan and Geumgangsan are mountains that, in addition to the fun of climbing, also offer the beauty of sharing Nature. The Seoraksan Mountain has the third highest peak in the country and a large number of valleys. It was designated by UNESCO as a conservation area of ​​living organisms, in which you can observe a great diversity of plants and animals.

Jirisan Mountain is Korea’s first National Park and its name is derived from the belief that any kind of person accessing it will become an intelligent person (“Jihye” in Korean means intelligence). It is famous for being tall and steep, but, as it has several trails, it is ideal to enjoy as a family. The Geumgangsan Mountain, which is located in North Korea, receives several names, because it presents different aspects according to the seasons, the names are: Geumgangsan, Bongnaesan, Pungaksan and Gaegolsan; Can be visited through travel packages of tourist agencies. In every season of the year is “disguised” differently and, especially, what should not be missed, is the Guryongyeon Waterfall.

9: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace

The Gyeongbokgung Palace, built during the Joseon Dynasty, is one of the 5 main palaces of the country. It was where the royal family lived and great official events were held. One of the most visited tourist places by foreign tourists. Changdeokgung Palace is the one that follows Gyeongbokgung. One of the best preserved, and the garden, which presents a harmony between the natural and the artificial, is the most outstanding beauty of this palace. The elegance of the pavilion and of the place reflects the importance of the king. And finally, the Deoksugung Palace was where King Gojong, the 26th king of Joseon, resided until his last days. The stone building where it received the foreign delegates and the road next to the stone wall, are the most famous installations of this palace.

10: N Seoul Tower, Coex, Hangang River Public Park

Seoul is the city that represents Korea and the first place tourists travel. In particular, Tower N of Seoul, located at the top of the mountain, is where you can see, at a glance, the center of the city. The circular and revolving restaurant, next to the bathroom located at the top, which convey a feeling of being in the clouds, are other great shows. The Coex Shopping Center is an underground shopping establishment that you can visit at any time of the year. Famous among 20-30 year olds, it has more than 260 shops of all categories, from clothing, to household goods, stationery, accessories, books, gifts, etc. Also located in the interior are the Aquarium, the Kimchi Museum, etc., so it offers great entertainment.

The Hangang River, which represents the city of Seoul, has recreational boats from which to enjoy the scenery of the place, and in summer can practice a variety of water sports. In particular there are many people who visit it, especially at night, as it presents a spectacular night panorama.


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