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Top 10 Travel Destinations in the World

Holidays are an ideal time to discover new places, the only way to clear yourself and forget about your responsibilities for one day or the lucky ones, a few weeks. We help you choose a destination to travel this summer following the recommendation of Lonely Planet travel editor.


The reason that positions this country in the first place is its spectacular landscape composed of lakes, mountains, covered doors, mules and granaries that immerse you in a fairy tale. Rural tourism is the best option as urban tourism is a fusion of European cities and American cities that do not come to dazzle at the same level as its nature. Wolfe Island, Waber Waterfalls and Niagara Falls are three must- see must- see destinations if you choose this destination.


The combination of its indigenous past, turquoise beaches, and colonial Spanish-style buildings make Colombia a unique place for those looking to surround themselves with peace and history. The colonial municipality of Barichara, the colorful river Caño Cristales, the island of San Andrés, Rosario Island, the Old City, the Amazon and the mystical Lost City are just the tip of the iceberg of the wonders that you will find here.


Although it stands out for the variety of activities offered in its snowy winters, summer is a special time for locals celebrating the arrival of the heat after the eternal cold. Jazz, blues or rock festivals flood the streets, as well as swimming and fishing in lakes are ideal for those who decide to spend their holidays in Finland. However, it is possible to practice skiing or snowboarding even in summer thanks to its variety of slopes.


Paradisiac beaches with transparent waters that will relax your body and mind, water sports and meals based on fruits and vegetables to accompany a healthy lifestyle. The colonial area of ​​Santo Domingo is a must to enjoy the fusion between history and bars or nightclubs. The Saona Island is seen through an excuse to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, as well as its varied aquatic fauna.


A direct trek to the highest peaks in the world where the Himalayas are king of the heights. The colorful historic center of Kathmandu offers typical festivals, recommending a walk through the temples and courtyards. The excursion to the feet of Everest is a great tourist attraction to experience the experience of a natural wonder. Also, we advise you to visit Bhaktapur, the medieval town listed as world heritage that is characterized by the absence of traffic.


The mysterious energetic center object of diverse scientific investigations by the disappearance of ships and airplanes has hundreds of attractions for the most curious. Water sports such as skiing, snorkeling, sailing or wind-surfing are practiced all year round thanks to its mild temperate climate. Diving in this area of ​​islands is immersed in the past, as you will enjoy the sighting of diverse fauna and shipwrecks of all times.


A destination not widespread but included in the top 10 places to visit in 2017, as the landscapes and customs of the population differ from any other place you have gone. The Gobi desert is one of the main attractions, and you can spend even a whole day without sight of another person. It is suggested hiring a guide to get from the dinosaur fossils to the monasteries and even camel trail in the snow if you decide to go in winter. Several national parks make up beautiful landscapes where to rest, to explore and to know new types of fauna.


Located on the Arabian Peninsula, it is a cinematographic destination where you will get involved in the splendor of Arab culture. Majlis al Jinn is the ninth largest cave chamber in the world ideal for climbing or practicing different types of adventure sports. The Sultan Qaboos Mosque was inaugurated in 2001 and has a capacity to house up to 7000 worshipers, decorated with spectacular spiders and vitró. On the other hand, the great reddish canyon of turquoise waters similar to an oasis, Wadi Shab, is another must during your stay.


A pearl in Southeast Asia that has not yet been massively attacked by tourism, which is an advantage to walk around and get to genuinely know the lifestyle of the place. Yangon, for example, is its largest city and stands a gigantic Buddhist temple with a golden roof. The city of Began stands out for landscape of pagodas, typically Asian buildings that consist of several levels and are constructed mainly for religious purposes.


The emblem of the African ethnicities recognized by its friendliness and hospitality with the visitors, the land of the archaeological legacy. If you choose this destination, try to pass through the Simien mountains with its particular fauna and flora or Lake Tana, known for being the place where the Virgin Mary rested on her return from Egypt. For lovers of trekking, a must see is the excursions at the foot of the Bale mountains surrounded by fantastic forests where cabins are located so that tourists can rest on a circuit of 6 days on foot.

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