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What is the meaning of Wanderlust

20MINUTES.It IS This expression is the order of the day in social networks, tattoos and conversations between young people. It is not necessary to have a planned destination. Not even a specific date marked on the calendar. Only the urge to plan a trip as soon as you have the savings and the time sufficient. Traveling has become to many young people in a hobby, such as playing an instrument or doing sports. Thanks in part to the fact that, today, the flights ‘low cost’, the promotions, projects such as the ‘interrail’ or european policies that have favored the transit cheap and, of course, the internet, have made travel much more accessible to pockets of young people. “Not all who wander are lost” – J. R. R. Tolkien #travel #on1pics #maps #worldmap #wanderlust #travelphotography pic.twitter.com/a6QwDH2l5Y — Joan Vendrell (@joanvendrell) 22 may 2018However, many young people have begun to see in the option of traveling a way of escape to a job, a responsibility or a life, in short, routine, and take advantage of every opportunity to get out of the comfort zone looking for new experiences that relate well to your back, or through social networks. The origin of the term 'Wanderlust'To this impulse by becoming a nomad in the XXI century is known as the syndrome of ‘Wanderlust’, a term which comes from the German, and is composed of two words: ‘wandern’, which means ‘wandering’ and ‘lust’, whose translation is ‘passion’. The translation of both less literal would be “passion for travel”, or what is the same, you feel a strong impulse or desire to travel and explore the world. In Spanish there is a term that is closer to the German word, but the meaning of which has a certain negative connotation: ‘dromomanía’ or “leaning or obsession pathological by moving from one place to another,” according to the RAE. And, unlike the English term, the German has become fashionable and often appears as the argument of a style of life in ‘hashtags’ on social networks, posters, illustrations, photographs and there are even those who decide to get a tattoo that clearly reads: ‘wanderlust’. Wanderlust style typewriter #wanderlusttattoo #tattoo #wanderlust #wanderlusttatuaje #wanderlusttatuagem #blackink #blackinktattoo A publication shared Mariano. wsp: 3424217073 (@marbar_tattoo) el5 Aug, 2016 at 4:32 PDT PhilosophyFor people who identify with this concept, the baggage is not one of the pillars of your trip, on the contrary, they weigh more the improvisation and curiosity, therefore, if you encounter setbacks, because they will find a way to solve them. The same thing happens with the famous ‘souvenir’, which are relegated to investing your money in experiences. In addition, their outings are tailored to the time available, but it's never too: if you only have three days, is the perfect occasion, but if you can enjoy several months, too. But peace of mind, this so-called syndrome is not a disease, nor can it be diagnose as such, it is rather the interpretation of that out of your environment is a way of escape, a form of rejection into a life-style routine that seems to be putting the person in the monotony.

Cantabria, the second best european destination in 2018 for Lonely Planet

20MINUTES.It IS The autonomous community has been chosen for its contrasts, the Peaks of Europe and the revitalizaciones and maritime communications.In the first place has been the culinary journey to Emilia-Romagna, Italy.What new places you'll want to travel in 2018? Lonely Planet, the famous international publishing about travel, has published its list of Best in Europe by 2018 and has chosen to Cantabria as the second european destination to visit and see in 2018, just behind Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The publication has taken into account that the autonomous community is a green land rough with contrast between its sandy beaches, the mountains wrapped in mist and the villages full of charm. Lonely Planet has valued particularly the revitalization of its waterfront with the new Loot and the new communication by ferry with other european destinations. In addition, it has honorable mention and a "stunning backdrop" as are the Picos de Europa, the oldest national park in Spain by 2018 and is celebrating its centenary. In the first place, the content editor has placed the culinary journey to Emilia-Romagna, a region in the north of Italy, much less chosen than other closer as the Tuscany or the Veneto. Lonely Planet notes that it is the birthplace of ragu, del prosciutto di Parma, the balsamic vinegar and the parmesan cheese and your legacy gourmet is exposed in the FICO of Bologna, the theme park culinary largest in the world. A list of multiculturalThe list is in third place in the province of Friesland, in the Netherlands and, in particular, its capital, Leeuwarden. Still, in fourth and fifth place, Kosovo and Provence, respectively. The rest of the positions are occupied, in descending order, Dundee, Scotland; the Cyclades Minor, in Greece; Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital; the Valley of Vipava, Slovenia; and, finally, another capital city, Tirana, Albania. The spokesperson and editorial director of Lonely Planet, Tom Hall, has pointed out that this list is "for anyone who wants to avoid crowds in Europe this summer". In addition, it revealed that their "travel experts" had scoured the continent to find and discover "the most outstanding places, unappreciated and often overlooked but that now it is well worth exploring". The authors of Lonely Planet take 45 years exploring every corner of the globe in search of hidden gems and new experiences on the road. This has been the sixth edition of the list, Best in Europe.

top 5 summer holiday destinations 2018

20MINUTES.It IS If you are clear that these holidays you want a change of scenery, but still do not know what is the best destination here are a few proposals to explore places and cultures and enrich this 2018. Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)Although Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two most known cities of Russia, this year the Football World is able to enjoy many more points of the national map. One of them: Nizhny-Novgorod. During the summer, temperatures are mild, so for a lot of that is Russia, you don't have to say goodbye to the suspenders and sunglasses. If you want to experience the world, travel to Russia can be the perfect choice to combine leisure and tourism, in addition to discover the library of Ivan ‘the Terrible’, try the typical cinnamon rolls or enjoy a walk enjoying the views that leave the Volga to each of its banks. Valletta (Malta)Its baroque architecture, renaissance and modern, the scars of the Second World War and the memories of the Knights Hospitallers through the architecture, are some of the many attractions of this coastal city, declared in 1980 a world Heritage site of the Unesco. If a visit is advisable in any occasion, what is more still this year, because all the 2018 Valletta will hold the title of European Capital of Culture. Route by the north of IrelandThe green landscapes of Ireland are perfect for getting lost, imagine stories with celtic roots and connect with nature. And they are also a bonanza cheap for those who want to make a route through the landscapes of Game of Thrones, stopping in places such as Castel Ward (Invernalia) or the port of Ballintoy (the Islands of The Iron) in Addition to other stunning landscapes at the margin of the series, as the Giants Causeway. Other places where you can discover corners of the famous history of the West are Seville, Peniscola, Costa Brava, Osuna, Bardenas Reales, Malta, Croatia, Morocco, the desert of Almeria, Morocco, Croatia or Malta. Easter Island (Chile)The volcanic Island of Easter is an idyllic setting in which to return to the past through the nearly 900 monumental statues ("moai") dated between the XIII and XVI centuries. Although any place in Chile would be a good option this year to enjoy the holidays: the country celebrates this year its bicentennial of independence, which has organized numerous activities to promote that can be combined with getaways tourist places like San Pedro de Atacama, Torres del Paine National park, or a few days in the capital, Santiago. Lisbon (Portugal)After the ‘avalanche eurovisiva’ to Lisbon, what is left in Portugal? Because the great beauty of a country that has thousands of beautiful places to explore for foreigners. The suggestion to start exploring them is the same capital, Lisbon, which is located approximately one hour by public transport from the palaces of Sintra and the beaches of Cascais. A city where you can enjoy the gastronomy, from its colorful architecture-based tiles and a trip to the past through its monuments and its famous tram. Bonus: The Camino de Santiago (Spain)What if you opt for the hiking? The Way of st. James is always a good option for those who want to vacation proactive crossing Spain from West to East, from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. By the way, you'll be able to delve into the History and Heritage of each region, and enjoy the beaches, gastronomy and the company that you can only find on a route like this.

The four things you should never do at an airport and a plane

20MINUTES What can I bring and what not in the hand luggage on the plane. Air travel assumes to accept many times a series of rules beyond those already known on the baggage in the control zones. The flight attendant Elliott Hester has compiled the fundamentals in an article published in the Orlando Sentinel which is echoed in Gizmodo. To begin with, keep in mind that on flights (especially international), it is likely that we are to submit to questions that we are required to respond, as when you travel to the united States. There are agencies that regulate the rights and obligations of the civil aviation, such as the Federal Aviation Administration of the united STATES, that so collected. Although this type of control is famous when it travels to north America, there are other areas of the world that also perform. Refusing to do so can mean you can get arrested and deported. Another thing that tends to cause more delays passengers of what we imagine is the want to strain all sorts of things of irregular shape in the controls. The instructor of the TSA Academy Jason Pockett has told Business Insider that the passengers are trying to sneak all kinds of things, even the most unlikely, as you can see in the own account of Instagram of the TSA. There is also that avoid going drunk or say you are drunk because only that can be a reason to prevent you from access to a flight and, in the worst cases, end up arrested, according to feature in Smart Travel. The last of the things you must not do in an airport or an airplane, even if it is a no-brainer tends to be a miserable joke that could cause a serious upset if one says in an airport: joke about terrorism and the possession of weapons or bombs.

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