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humanoid somersault

Humanoid Atlas Does Perfect SomerSault

Atlas is the first Humanoid which can do perfect Somersault just like any professional gymnast. Atlas manages the balance perfectly by raising both arms over his...
new algorithm

A new computer algorithm is helping the FBI to identify bodies found decades ago

Using a new computer algorithm has helped FBI to help identify corpses found decades ago. For now, FBI has studied the fingerprints of some...

Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Systems

With the advancement in computing power, including machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, genetic algorithms and computational creativity (to name a few), it...
sword master vs robotvideo

Sword Master Vs Advance Robot

You must have seen various sword fights. Have you seen Sword Master vs Advance Robot? Lets See Who Wins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxBidZvM_oE&t=16s
milk good or bad

Is Milk Good or Bad for your Health ?

The cow 's milk, as all we are told, is a rich source of calcium, important for our bones and teeth contains high biological...
root canal good or bad

Is Root Canal Good or Bad ?

Many dentists believe they could sterilize a root canal and that the act of implementing and irrigate the canal will eliminate all bacteria, but...
chocolate healthy or unhealthy

Is Chocolate Healthy or Unhealthy ?

Many people do not realize that raw cocoa is the greatest source of antioxidants in the world, and that looking at Google "cocoa" and...
can loud sound kill you

Can Loud Sounds Kill You ?

Hearing lound music can cause various sorts of damage to your ear and your hearing. Latest studies have proved that loud sounds can actually kill...
jupiters role in vedic astrology

Jupiters Role in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter Significance in Astrology Every single natural object has an energy. Whether it is plants, humans, animals or any other object in the universe. It...

10 Amazing Facts about Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the Solar System. It is the largest and heaviest planet, and its weight is about 2.48 times the...