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How to save photos from the camera on the microSD in Samsung Galaxy

How to save photos from the camera to the microSD in the Samsung Galaxy. We explain how to configure the external card as the default storage location. One of the bugs that had Android is the management of the SD until version Lollipop 5.0 that have activated it for multimedia content and Google has remedied it to configure a microSD as the default storage location for the camera. Now with Android 6.0 re-import to the SD.

If we have a Samsung and we put a micro SD always class 10 as a recommendation. There are times when the save message does not appear on the card or by mistake we say that we want it on the device. In this tutorial, we explain how to do it on Samsung Galaxy devices. This will serve to do so much in Galaxy S7, S5, S4, A5, J5, the Note range, Ace or any family of smartphones with Android from Samsung. Although it may work for other Android phones.

How to Transfer Photos to SD Card in Galaxy Devices

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”How to Transfer Photos to SD Card in Galaxy Mobiles” playlist_yt=”tb2unUAjN9g,sR_3zciHbGw,lXoNLkIFuls” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

The truth is that many of the Android terminals that include custom interface, such as the Samsung with TouchWiz, offer this option in the Camera application settings. Others do not but simple you can download from Google play the Google camera application or the MX Camera application that allows you to change the location.


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