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Android/iOS App Development Tips for beginners

If you start taking your first steps in creating mobile apps, we have some tips to give you

The world moves through smartphones. Smartphones are the devices most used to access the internet. Its ease of use has boosted its sales, generating an increase in the demand for devices but also of professionals dedicated to create applications/apps and feed them with contents.

The application developer is one of the most outstanding professionals with this expansion of the use of the mobile, as it is responsible for creating and giving life to the applications that users use every day. Managing computer and programming languages, these workers must create a structure and program for it different actions, which the user can access once the app is downloaded.


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The great advantage of this profession is that, although it requires specific technical knowledge, it is easily accessible to young people interested in technology.

Through websites and even specific applications, virtually anyone can create an app with basic features.

It is that, after all, the big challenge is not to create an app but to make it succeed and achieve visibility, which can be a bit complex when you are just starting to take the first steps in the area.

Is it your case? Do you want to create an app but are not completely clear what you should do? We give you five tips for your project to succeed :

1) Know your users

It makes no sense to believe anything if you do not know who you’re doing it for. The first thing to know, before you generate an idea or design the look of your app, who will use it and for what reason, or rather: who you want to use it. Each of the decisions you make after determining your audience will be based on a deep knowledge of your users, interests, and goals.

2) Know your market

Do you have competition? Is there any similar app? What features does not have the competition that your app could bring to the market? Knowing the environment in which you are going to will help you to find a differential that manages to make your app stand out.

3) Start selling from the name

Do not get too creative or mysterious: the name of the application should be clear and straightforward. It does not make sense to spend hours looking for an ingenious name that in the end only you can understand. The most important thing is not that it is catchy or sounding good, but that it adequately reflects the functionality of the app.

4) Investigate what your users are doing

Knowing how your users are is useful, but knowing how they act with your app is even more so. That’s why you have to make sure you know how these features work, to analyze which are the most used and which do not work according to how you planned it. This step will be of vital importance when you try to offer to propose some changes in your original creation because it will allow you to know in advance if they will work or not.

5) It offers a permanent service

It’s no use creating an app and positioning it as one of the most sold or downloaded if you are not willing to stay 24/7 available to your users to provide the service and assistance they need. If you comment – positive or negative – you answer as soon as possible, if you pose a problem you solve it, if they report a fault you apologize for the case and work to solve it as soon as possible … Without feedback, no application survives, that you must have it clear since the beginning.

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