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How to Extend Wifi Range in an Apartment or Big House

We have been using Wifi Routers in almost every household. Wifi Routers have made things easier for us by allowing us to connect multiple internet-enabled devices with a single router.

However, there are few major problems which we encounter when using Wifi at Home. Following are some of the issues and their solutions.

  1. Security – Security is one of the major concerns, and you must take every single step to ensure that your Wifi signal is secure from any unauthorized use. If your Wifi is hacked into, then hackers can easily snoop into your main computer or your browsing speed will get affected.

    Solution: Read How to Secure your Wifi

  2. Range – Range is another big problem which we encounter. If you place your Wifi Router in any enclosed space, then you are restricting your Wifi from your access. You need to place your wifi router in a position where it is above the ground, and there should not be any other electrical devices placed near your router for best performance.

    Basics of Wifi and How to Increase Wifi Range using simple tips

Wifi Booster Tip (Using Aluminium Foil)

You can use Aluminium Foil which is available in every household to further strengthen your wifi signal. It will help you to boost your signal and will help you experience higher internet speeds while using wifi.

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