Where can I Find a Good Immigration Lawyer ?

How to Hire right immigration lawyer for your case. If you are planning to hire an attorney make sure you know these things.

An immigration lawyer is a lawyer specializing in immigration law and acts as an intermediary between his clients and the immigration authorities of the government. They offer advice and guidance on citizenship processes, visa applications, green cards, deportation, employment for non-citizens, among other things.

Only licensed attorneys or accredited representatives are authorized and qualified to assist in an immigration case. Unlike notaries, lawyers have completed training and an extensive educational curriculum, before being licensed to represent their clients.

How to choose a good immigration lawyer?

Choosing the right immigration lawyer for your immigration case is a task to which you should devote time and effort. Here are some tips to help you choose a lawyer.

Immigration is a very broad specialization. When choosing an attorney, you must ensure that the lawyer has experience and is familiar with the specific service you are seeking. Many of them specialize in specific migration services.

Look for references, ask family or friends about the lawyers in your area. Once you have a listing with several lawyers, call your offices to corroborate the services they offer. Ask practical questions and to the point such as: In how many cases of this type have you worked this year?

How to hire an immigration attorney?

Compare your rates and methods of payment and payment. Once you’ve found a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and fit your needs, check your credentials. Contact the local state bar to find out if the lawyer is in good standing and has never been disciplined.

In the first consultation or call you must be attentive to the type of initial service that gives you.

Are you attentive and interested in the information you are providing? Because you will be sharing personal and confidential information with your lawyer, you will want to feel comfortable with your ability to listen and communicate. Is it easy to contact you? It may be a bit difficult at first to judge the accessibility of the lawyer, but pay attention to small details in your initial consultation. You will need to know if your lawyer will be easy to contact during the period that your application is in process. He should be available for important questions about your case.

Ask for references. The work of the lawyer must be based on trust. A good immigration lawyer should have no problem getting in touch with any of your clients.

When do I need to hire right immigration lawyer?

An attorney is not always needed for immigration processes. For example, it is not required to have a lawyer when applying for an immigration visa in the United States. If you meet the benefits requirements you are looking for and have no criminal record or flight with immigration authorities; you can probably proceed with the green card process without the need to hire a lawyer.

But there are many situations in which you do need the services of a lawyer, or simply this would save you time and work. In many situations, immigration laws are often complicated, and the knowledge and experience of a lawyer are necessary. Here are some examples where you should ask for help.

If you are in immigration court proceedings or if you have ever been deported, you will need an attorney to assist you with the process.

Persons with criminal records, drug abuse or trafficking, infectious diseases, without appropriate vaccines, who have violated criminal laws in the past, terrorists, etc. They are classified as inadmissible by the USCIS or the consulate. In some cases, a special permit can be requested in which they do not take into account some of the situations mentioned above. If you know that some of these situations apply to you, it is advisable to seek legal help before beginning the process.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the documentation, applications and forms that need to be completed during the process, a good option is to seek legal help. There are cases where an error in the documentation could cause them to return, delay or even reject the application. Immigration attorneys have gone through this process countless times and had tools that make the process easier. For example, many of them have special computer programs to complete the documentation process in a faster and easier way. For just the fact of peace of mind, hiring a lawyer can be beneficial.

If you decide to walk alone, something important to remember is not completely relying on information provided by USCIS officials. These can provide basic information about general procedures, such as filling out documentation, prices to pay, estimated time, etc. But they are not experts in immigration law and are not trained to offer advice on specific immigration cases. Would you ask the receptionist at your doctor’s office what kind of surgery they should do? Asking officers about your case can be just as insecure.

How much does an immigration attorney charge?

information architectHow much lawyer charges will depend on many factors, for example, the city, the type of contract and service, his fame, etc? There are lawyers who offer the free initial consultation. If not, it is common to charge around $ 100 or more. Once they have accepted your case, some lawyers charge by the hour while others charge a fixed amount depending on the type of service. If this is the case, an agreement can be reached to pay an initial amount and different stages of the process the rest is paid.

It is very important to know what types of services are included in the tariff. Ask if there are hidden expenses for extra services such as going to court, translations, visiting a detainee, etc. It should be noted that the fees paid to the government, in this case to the USCIS, are not included in the attorney’s fees.

It is very important to know how to collect, how much and what services are included in the rate when deciding which lawyer to choose, so you can determine the lawyer that best fits your needs.

Do not assume that the most expensive lawyer is the best or the most economical the worst.

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