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The response of the united States and Israel to the violence in Gaza that left more than 50 dead

For the government of the united States, the bloody day of this Monday in Gaza was to “an attempt to gruesome and unfortunate propaganda of Hamas”.

The White House blamed the palestinian group islamist violence that left at least 55 dead and more than 2,700 wounded in clashes between the army of Israel and thousands of palestinian demonstrators, according to figures from palestinian authorities.

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In a press conference from the seat of government in Washington, the spokesman Raj Shah has not added to the united States to other countries, such as France and the Uk, which called on Israel to restrict its response to the protests.

Shah, in turn, supported the “right to defence” of Israel and blamed Hamas for “be causing intentionally and cynically this response” on the part of Tel Aviv.

In addition, the united States blocked approval of a statement of the Security Council of the UN calling for an independent investigation into the violence in Gaza.

The clashes Monday resulted in the day, more violent in the Gaza strip since the war in 2014.

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Image caption Raj Shah, spokesman of the White House, said that Israel had acted “in the right to defence”.

Defense of Israel

Israel has also defended the actions of its armed forces.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered that its military acted in self-defense against the Hamas leaders, who accused him of wanting to destroy Israel.

The leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas,labeled the violent day massacre”.

For its part, the United Nations described the facts as “outrageous violations of human rights”.

The violence broke out at the same time that the united States inaugurated its controversial embassy in Jerusalem.

The move from its maximum diplomatic office in Tel Aviv at the “holy city” outraged palestinians, who claim east Jerusalem as the capital of their future State.

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The palestinians see the extent of the U.S. as a support of the government of Israel to take total control of the city, which for the israelis is their “capital indivisible”.

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