Top 10 Beaches in Huelva Spain

With more than 120 kilometers of coastline golden sand to choose, but here are the top 10 beaches of Huelva.

Immense wild beaches in which the dunes of golden sand merge with the intense green of the pine forest. On the other side, clean and temperate waters that give us bathrooms until late in the afternoon, when the sun sets over the Atlantic. This is the Costa de la Luz of the Huelva area, made up of more than 120 kilometers of coastline, where the sun shines almost 365 days a year. With such beauty, sometimes the choice becomes difficult, so we have set to work to find the hard task of selecting the best beaches in Huelva . Some are perfect to enjoy with family, other ideal to feel like a castaway or to practice nudism. Choose your favorites, take the flip-flops and the swimsuit, and tell us if we’re right.

1. Islantilla beach

More than 1.2 kilometers of golden and fine sand make up Islantilla beach, one of the best beaches in Huelva . Located between the towns of Isla Cristina and Lepe, the beach has more crowded places for families, thanks to the fact that it has all the services (showers, comfortable accesses and some beach bars), and with more tranquil ones for those who wish to be carried away by The feeling of privacy of the dunes typical of this area, protected by a beautiful Huelva pine forest . At low tide, it enjoys an amplitude that can reach 80 meters and invites you to take walks that make you discover other corners, such as the beaches of Urbasur and Hoyo , in the direction of Isla Cristina. Nor will you forget theSunsets over the Atlantic, because it is likely that, due to its geographical situation, Islantilla is one of the best beaches in Huelva to enjoy the sunset. In addition, the beach has obtained the Blue Flag badge again, as well as the “Q” Certification of Tourism Quality or the EcoPlayas flag.

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2. Beach of El Portil

Among the best beaches in Huelva is El Portil, an immense beach 3.6 km long and 40 meters wide , surrounded by a nature reserve, the Laguna del Portil Nature Reserve. The beach is urbanized and has obtained the Blue Flag again in 2017 thanks to its services, but if you are looking for something more private, you will find serene corners if you move away from the areas closest to the houses and car parks. From the beach you can enjoy excellent views of the Flecha del Rompido , which also has another of the best beaches in Huelva.

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3. Isla Canela beach

The one of Isla Canela is one of the beaches of Huelva more extensive, with its 7 kilometers of length. Although its name may give a different impression, the island is not an island at sea, but is located at the mouth of the Guadiana River . Because of this, its waters are usually quite calm and its beach is great to be enjoyed with the family . In addition, it is a very conducive area for water sports and it is very common to see kite surfers On the horizon. Due to its great extension, we are sure that its infinite landscapes of water, dunes and marshes will fall in love to you and that you will always find a corner in which to be alone. The beach has access for people with reduced mobility, wooden paths, beach bars where you can enjoy the shrimp and cuttlefish of Huelva, and a vestige of the past, the 16th-century Torre Canela . What more could you ask for? Oh, yes, it also has the best sunsets.

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Enjoy the best beaches in Huelva

4. Playa del Parador

Situated between the municipalities of Moguer and Palos de la Frontera, at the base of the imposing cliff of the Asperillo , surrounded by the unmistakable pines, the beach of the Parador always tops the lists of the best beaches of Huelva . It receives its name to be next to the National Parador of Tourism of Mazagón and its main characteristic is the conjunction of the sand and the stone in ocher tones with the intense blue of the sea. In addition, the beach changes radically according to the time you visit, so we recommend you explore the beach both at high tide and when low to uncover hundreds of meters of sandy beach. The beach of the Parador has received, again, the award of Blue Flag, As well as the distinctive “Q” of Tourism Quality, since it has accesses, showers and surveillance posts. To get there, you must leave the car in the parking lot (€ 2 all day) and go down a sand track while breathing the aroma of the eucalyptus. Do not miss a visit to the centennial pine of the Parador , a tree that is said to date from the year 1730.

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5. Matalascañas beach

One of the most popular beaches in Huelva is Matalascanas. It is a huge beach, more than 5 kilometers long and full of services so that your beach day is the most comfortable. Although it is usually one of the busiest in summer , as it is the closest to Seville, if you go on a weekday or out of the summer season, you can enjoy quiet walks between the border of Donana National Park and Torre de The Higuera , a construction of the XVI that collapsed with the earthquake of Lisbon and that has become one of the badges of this beach of Huelva. Matalascanas boasts of Blue Flag in 2017 and a lively gastronomic scene, as well as offering Multiple possibilities for the more sportsmen . The Matalascanas is one of the best beaches in Huelva to practice water sports such as sailing or windsurfing .

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6. Beach of Punta Umbria

One of the best beaches in Huelva is the one located in the municipality of Punta Umbria. This beach is located next to the Odiel Marshes Natural Park , another of the natural charms of the westernmost province of Andalusia. Punta Umbría can boast of having 5 beautiful beaches , which are usually included within the name of the municipality, since there is no physical separation between them. In any case, the beach of Punta Umbría is an urban beach, with all the infrastructures to enjoy a beach day and in which the Blue Flag has been flying for several years. It is a very familiar beach Which is usually very crowded during the summer. In addition, you will always find somewhere close to a sun and sea break, and have a cold beer with some fresh coquinas. If you are looking for something more virgin, our recommendation is to get closer to the beach of La Canaleta or the beach of Los Enebrales . The latter is one of the most frequented nudist beaches in Huelva , since the access is simple and is usually very quiet until the summer days.

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7. New Umbria Beach or Arrow of the Rompido

The Flecha del Rompido and the Natural Park Marismas del Río Piedras is one of the most fascinating natural sites in Andalusia. In it is the beach of Nueva Umbria, one of the best beaches in Huelva thanks to its 12 kilometers of virgin sand and its unique flora and fauna. In this beach you can enjoy moments of absolute solitude due to its extension and the lack of services like showers or surveillance. In addition, the one of New Umbria is one of the nudist beaches of Huelva, One of the few officially declared naturists in Spain, so you will feel very comfortable if you are thinking of practicing nudism. The nudist environment is located mainly in the central part of the beach, between the access walkway located at the end of the road that comes from El Terrón and the other footbridge where the ferry departs . To get there is a ferry service from the Port of El Rompido. The journey takes only 10 minutes and the return ticket costs € 4. You can also access by private boat or kayak or walking from La Antilla.

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8. Playa del Espigón

If you do not want to move much of the capital of Huelva, do not worry, in its municipal term you will also find one of the best beaches in the province. The beach of El Espigón was born after the works of shelter of the port of Huelva in the seventies. To enjoy its 2.5 kilometers of sandy beach you have to cross the Natural Park of the Marshes of the Odiel , a great place to sight birds. It is a beach still very unspoilt and you will not find many services, although you are considering the option of installing some beach bars. Also, if you want to take a bath with your canine friend, from the 6th catwalk to the pier is an area where dogs are allowed to enter the beach .

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9. Punta del Caiman beach

Isla Cristina is the municipality in which is another of the best beaches of Huelva, Punta del Cayman. Also known as the Island of the Gaviota , for the important congregation of these birds, to access you have to cross a bridge , what propitiates that there is a smaller occupation than in others of the zone. The beach is almost 2 kilometers long and a width that can reach 75 meters at low tide. It is located in the Natural Park of the Marshes of Isla Cristina , at the mouth of the river Carreras, so it is common to see many inlets and protruding sea that form long sand banks. In Punta del Caimán you can enjoy calm and clean waters And, above all, some startling sunrises and sunsets.

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10. Punta del Moral beach

The beach of Punta del Moral is one of the best beaches in Huelva due to its incredible location, at the mouth of the Carreras river, in the Natural Park of the Marshes of Isla Cristina, and for its family atmosphere . It is a perfect beach to go with children , as there is usually not much swell and when the tide is low you will be able to bathe calmly, since the water does not cover too much unless much progress towards the horizon. It is an urbanized beach and has services to make the stay more pleasant. In it you can enjoy a kilometer of fine golden sand and a calm sea in which to practice water sports.

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