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How to make a laptop battery have a longer life

You want to see a movie on the bed, go out and read in the courtyard, look at a series lying on the couch, keep writing while travelling in the subway … And the same story is repeated: you can not because you have to stay stuck to the wall.

Does your laptop battery run out instantly? Does not it allow you to have the mobility that you could have? Do not worry; you’re not the only one. It happens to the vast majority of notebook users.

You neglected it at the beginning, it is many years old, you never bothered to disconnect the cable when the battery was charged, or simply do not give up. There can be many causes why you run out of power instantly, but fortunately, there are also many solutions that you can use to save battery life and make it last longer.

How to make a laptop battery last longer ? Try one of these tricks

    1. Adjust the brightness of the screen, try to reduce it to save battery. It is not necessary to leave it at the minimum level, but it will be positive that you lower it as much as you can. This way you will save battery and also take care of your view.
    2. Set the economizer, so your laptop screen goes off when it takes some idle time.
    3. Eliminate keyboard illumination if you do not need it. This is activated by default and often does not make the difference in visibility but in the duration of the energy of the device.
    4. Close all unnecessary tabs, as keeping so many tabs open in the browser forces your team to assign a higher dose of energy to this task.
    5. Avoid video streaming websites when you can, especially if you just want to listen to music without watching audiovisual content. It is better to look for an alternative or download the songs to the computer, this way you will not force the screen always to remain active.
    6. It prefers the headphones before the external speakers because these consume faster your battery.
    7. Do not turn it off all the time. It is best to let it hibernate if you are going to use it later. In this way, the system will not give a huge pull to the battery to re-ignite, but it will already be charged and will consume a little less compared to what you will need if you always turn it off.
    8. The wireless accessories such as a mouse are not a very good idea to save battery. The best thing is that, in this case, you settle for the cables.
    9. Verify that the Bluetooth connection of your laptop is disabled because sometimes it is activated by default and consumes energy unnecessarily.
    10. Disconnect the charger when the battery is full, it is a way to take care of its resistance and make the charge you gave it last longer.

You do not need to apply them all, you can try with some and evaluate which one is best for you, and even incorporate several as health habits for your device from here in more. Try it, and you’ll be able to get away from the plug once and start enjoying all the applications your laptop can offer. These tips will help to increase battery life of your laptop.


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