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Just 1 Minute is the minimum amount of exercise recommended

The long hours of exercise are finished, if you do it correctly you will only need one minute of daily exercise to get in shape.

The race to get in shape for the summer may be over, but caring for health does not depend on seasons or weather conditions. To stay healthy, it is vital to work the body, perform physical exercise and take advantage of its many benefits.

Just 1 Minute of intense excercise is the Minimum Amount of Exercise required on daily basis

Combining the routine of work and study with exercise days can be difficult, especially when it is considered necessary to meet a certain daily quota. However, science has just proved that these impositions we had during the year do not make sense because if done correctly, a single minute of exercise a day is enough to keep the body healthy and toned.

This impressive finding corresponds to researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, who conducted a study with 25 men. His main conclusion was that 1 minute of intensive exercise a day resulted in the same benefits as a 45-minute routine with moderate exercise, both regarding aerobic capacity, ability to regulate blood sugar and improve muscle function.

According to the researchers, the ideal is to consider what is intended to be obtained from the exercise days. In the case of elite athletes, they need more extensive days to increase their performance, power and activity control; But those who just want to lose some weight in a fast and healthy will find the same benefits in a shorter period practising these types of exercises technically called as HIIT.

Despite its long history in the world of professional sports, HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training ) has become fashionable all over the world due to its fast fat burning benefits. These types of exercises make the body’s metabolism accelerate by oxidizing glucose and fat more efficiently, leading to much faster weight loss than other types of exercises. However, due to their intensity and exigency, they require the advice of a trained professional and certain previous training to avoid major injuries and damages to the organism.

If you are looking to lose weight fast, you do not have to spend hours in the gym, because science has shown that you only need one minute of daily exercise.

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