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Web designer job interview questions and answers

Job interviews meet patterns that you may know as appropriate attire or punctuality, but attention should also be paid to the particularities of the job you are applying for. We tell you what are the most frequently asked questions in a web design interview, plus the precautions you must take to get the job you want. Apply our tips!

Grounds for election

Usually, interviewers show interest in the vocational decisions of their candidates, to ensure that the passion remains intact and that you did not choose your race for discard. Avoid motives such as salary or the possibility of the informal dress instead of wearing a suit every day and evoke some story that has helped you to decide for the web design. Of course thinking about it at the moment is difficult, making it look fake or unconvincing. Go with your prepared history, based on a real fact that you can colour to your liking to reflect the passion for your work without falling into exaggeration.

Carrying a portfolio online

In the creative industry, it is essential to offer work samples so the interviewer can assess your potential. However, you are no longer expected to arrive with a folder full of printed sheets but facilitate a link to a personal site or blog, even a pen drive with your creations. Interactivity is the weapon of a web designer and evidencing it from the beginning will put you on the right track if your online portfolio interacts with itself, and even appears in a digital resume with a hyperlink. Remind the recruiter during the interview that your portfolio is in the CV because you probably have forgotten how your work looks or that you have not even punched the link.
Tips: Choose beforehand your favourite piece and its strengths, in addition to the one you could improve by making sure you know your weaknesses and resolution alternatives. Also prepare some piece of the portfolio that you have made as a team, punctuating your role in the result.

Description of the creative process

Guide your interviewer through a good explanation of your design concept, including words like fresh, smooth, modern and unique to meet all the qualities that customers are looking for today. Add a twist that manifests your personality, giving you the feeling that you can shape the trends of web design to create your style. For example, if you like to highlight the elements with depth or give a particular shape to the action buttons. Make sure the example is based on a real success case from your previous job, degree or internship.

Errors in a web design

They might ask you what mistakes should not be made in web design, and you should learn a list of factors that come out of logic.

  • Unnecessary widgets.
  • Images too large.
  • Flashing or rotating images.
  • Focused content.
  • Black background with white or light letters.
  • Excess of headlines.
  • Flashing text.
  • Negative words in an error message.
  • Cancel button with a colour other than red (alert for the eye).
  • Gross links in a list.
  • Traffic

Today’s most valued web designers work in conjunction with corporate marketing groups to globally understand what works on a web or application and what improvements might be made. It is possible that to guarantee your understanding with the marketing team you will ask for SEO knowledge or at least research the information you have about this area. Study some SEO tools and principles before attending, thinking about examples of your portfolio where you have applied or in case you do not have a job to show, try practising in front of a mirror why a page has a low rate or high rebound.

Emphasis on maintenance

Designing a page or web application that is not updated is a waste of time because it will decrease traffic or some downloads. Any product requires maintenance, especially when it is a technological tool because the item progresses daily and becomes incompatible with browsers or stops generating interest in the public because it no longer satisfies a real need. There will always be errors in a content update or design tuning, so be sure to highlight these points, so the recruiter understands that you will be a problem-solving investment.

Article by : Law Firm Web Design Studio

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