Best camera lens apps for iphone

Do you plan a vacation? We recommend downloading these free applications to achieve different camera lenses on your iPhone , indispensable for making the best summer photographs. Fish-eye, wide-angle or panoramic lens effects give you the best results for your photos.

What is a camera lens?

It is the device of the camera that contains different lenses to redirect the light so that it generates an image capable of being supported in a photosensitive material. Another of its functions is to allow a precise focus and a particular type of framing, with different focal distances (relation between the angle covers and how close the image is from the point of view of the viewer). Some are more apt to take pictures to groups of people for example in a field of play,  panoramic selfies , et cetera.

1. Fish eye camera

Distorting the image to create a semi-spherical effect that imitates the fish’s vision with a 180º angle . Adds lighting touches like light leakage, adjusting lens intensity and swapping the front and rear cameras. The photograph is easily editable after capturing it, even if you use the stretching effect or the deep fisheye lens.

2. PanoSelfie and Wide Angle

A simple mechanism with a brief introduction for new users that will allow you to do panoramic selfies to avoid that your face occupy the whole image . In this way, the landscape behind you will be appreciated and you can even take photos of large groups without leaving someone outside or covering you with your face in the foreground.

3. Zoom photo and magnifier

It has 16 levels of application so that the smallest objects are seen in a size that does not harm the eye . For example, you can enlarge the text of books or newspapers, photograph labels and even the menu of a restaurant. Take care of your battery to lengthen its duration, add effects of superposition of colors and contemplates different contrasts for an optimal result.

4. KaleidaCam

Although not a modification of the objective itself, it achieves a similar effect by distorting the image in four styles of kaleidoscope . While the application is free, it is possible to purchase additional spirals or circles in integrated purchases. You can also add the effect to a photo you save in your iPhone library.

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