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Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming

Best Websites to Learn Programming

Although it seemed unthinkable, more and more schools are beginning to teach programming lessons in classrooms . Experts believe that all citizens of developed countries will know how to program in a few years, as this practice will be considered an essential skill as they are now reading or writing. Coding is the new educational trend , so you should know best websites to learn programming online.

It is clear that the little ones will learn programming in class, but what about us? The millennials we have lived in both worlds (the analog and the digital). We should learn programming languages if we do not want to stay behind. Children, adolescents who wish to dedicate themselves to the world of programming and adults who do not yet know the subject, can find in these websites their ideal tutor:


Because all children should have the opportunity to learn computer science at school, this public organization is responsible for reaching the youngest, women and minorities. His project has been endorsed by Microsoft, Facebook, Google and countless personalities.


Thanks to this platform, you can “learn to program in an interactive and free way”. It works with various programming languages, such as Python, PHP, JavaScript and Ruby.


This video game teaches coding in a very simple and entertaining way. If you want to overcome the challenges, you will have to write the correct code. So, through test-error, you’ll be able to learn to program while you’re in love with this funny monkey.


This payment platform is a perfect option in case you want to learn how to program in a professional manner and in any language, since it includes courses, projects, screencast …


This service teaches you to write Javascript programs. You can find two different versions: Code Monster for children and Code Maven for teenagers and adults. It also includes a version for over 16 years (Game Maven) and a statistical application (Data Maven) for children over 12 years.


This platform, which is free for iPhone and iPad, has been specially designed to teach children basic programming. You can also use it to get into matter.

Khan Academy

This web offers countless MOOC’s (Massive Online Open Courses) of diverse subjects. Here you will also find several free and open programming courses, such as Introduction to HTML, HTML/CSS, Learn Programming or Introduction to JS.


This platform teaches the basic concepts of programming to children from 5 years. It is also a perfect system to use by teachers in class, as they will learn through fun games.


Children can start programming through a series of puzzles that will be complicated depending on the age. This way they learn basic programming concepts while they play.

Made w / code

Because women also know how to program, and this platform is the proof of it. Here, there are women, girls and girls over 10 years of age who have a passion for technology, mathematics and programming.


The best way to program interactive stories, games and animations. In this platform you will not learn alone, but you will have the help of other users. Although it can be used all over the world, it has been specially thought of in boys and girls from 8 to 16 years.

Tynker Hour of Code

If they do not want to be left behind, children should start learning to program from school. Therefore, this platform allows, with the help of parents, tutors or teachers, to learn how to program through a series of video games.

Only For Spanish Learners


This platform, developed in Spain, presents “a new way of programming, easy, and simple. More than 120,000 users already use it.


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