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A Detailed Golf guide For Beginners (Expert Opinion)

Golf guide For Beginners

Golf is a game that requires plenty of passion and dedication. Many beginners tend to get frustrated far too early and end up quitting the game. Many start with too high an expectation and fail to build that lifelong love for the sport.

Here is a handy little guide for the keen beginner that will help take those first steps on the green.

  1. Take golf lessons

For many, golf seems easy. It is deceptively so. It requires top-notch concentration and an eye for detail, like in any other sport. A weeklong coaching stint will do wonders to your confidence by addressing those beginner issues. Following the professionals in tours like US Open 2019 Live will give lots of insights into how the pros work.

  1. Putting

Often the putting is one of the most neglected aspects of the sport. It is important to understand that putting can form as much as 50% of the shots you play on the green. People spend hours on the driving range at the cost of proper putting practice. Practice is putting into improving your handicap.

  1. Importance of grip

You have the interlocking, the Verdon and the baseball grips. The Vardon grip is most commonly used. It is very easy to learn. A good grip will enable you to hit the ball harder and straighter. So, it is vital to learn the most suitable grip as fast as possible.

Practice your swing

Visit your nearest driving range to perfect the swings with the various types of golf clubs you may have. You get a chance to practice hitting balls without worrying about losing them. Once you start hitting the sweet spot, you can start to practice controlling the distance by adjusting your swing.

  1. Buy plenty of used balls

Loosing balls from wayward shots is common. Good balls are expensive. You can get used balls for cheap. They will come in handy in the beginning. You need not worry about losing a ball and focus more on your game.

  1. The etiquettes

It is important to brush up on golfing etiquettes. These etiquettes are what that make golf such a charming sport. You do not want to earn the ire of your fellow golfers for any slip. Speak to seasoned golfers; learn about local customs if any. Listen to golfing lores over a drink or two.

  1. Choose the right mix of clubs

Most starter golf kits will have no more than 5 clubs. A 7 iron, 9 iron, a gap wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter will be more than sufficient. You could include a good driving iron like the 1 or 2 iron for those long holes. You may be tempted to go for driving wood, but it is recommended to stick to irons initially.

  1. Preparation for a game

A round of golf in an 18-hole golf course can take at least 4 hours to complete. Ensure that you have all the necessary items like food, drinks, and medicines along with you. Dress appropriately, carry weatherproof clothing and an umbrella for those emergencies. Set aside time for the game and allow no distractions.

  1. Make golf buddies

Be present for that after game socialization in the clubhouse. Mix with the fellow golfers; compare equipment and exchange ideas over a few drinks. You can even get info about various golf courses and other tips. This healthy camaraderie will create a nice ambiance and help sustain interest in golf.

Golf is a leisurely sport and has a rich tradition. In golf, it is always “easy, does it!” It is a great way to relax and de-stress. It is a sport that can be played by all age groups. Once you start playing, the game will grow on you and will become a passion.


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