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Is Facebook a Network of Seniors ?

Young people leave Facebook for other social networks that have a more instant and visual format like Instagram or Snapchat. The study conducted in the United States and the United Kingdom indicates that the social network will experience a decrease in users, as the decline in use among adolescents and young people drags the overall growth of users.

According to an analysis young people who are grouped into two types of user classifications according to their age, 12 to 17 years and 18 to 24 years, do not have the same interaction on Facebook as in other networks where they are maintained. Most of the teenagers and young adults are migrating to Snapchat and Instagram.

Although the number of people in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg grows, it will not be for new young members, but because older Internet users decide to enter Facebook for the first time, after a certain time.

“We see teenagers and twenty something migrating to Snapchat and Instagram. Both platforms have found success with this demographic sector, as they are more aligned with the way they communicate, that is, using visual content. Apart from those who are gone, teenagers and preteens left on Facebook seem to be less committed, “said marketer senior prediction analyst Oscar Orozco.

«Facebook was born with the idea of ​​exploiting more social experiences that already have, memories.»

What have Snapchat or Instagram that does not have Facebook? Will the end of the social network be when this generation grows? Everything seems to indicate that it could be a temporary effect due to its age and its ability to establish large networks and memories. This is explained to ABC by sociologist Javier de Rivera, where younger users associate that “Facebook is a network of elders” that their parents also use. On the other hand, also it points out that the social network has never been designed for very young people, but for u n age range of between 25 and 35 years.
Facebook was born with the idea of ​​”exploiting more social experiences they already have, memories,” while the other networks have more instant functionality because they are looking for the moment because they tend to have ” a busier social life,” adds Rivera. Likewise, Facebook requires “building an identity, building a more stable profile over time.”

“It is also designed for people who have stopped having a more active social life, memories, reuniting with school or university colleagues,” among other things, as the sociologist points out. In the case of adolescents and young adults do not have a history to build and look for more ephemeral networks that allow more time. In any case, Facebook is interested in people who ‘can consume,’ so it is not considered a priority public for many platforms.

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