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How a Computer Glitch left 15000 Christmas Flights without a Captain

How a small computer glitch left 15000 christmas flights without a pilot.

If the airline American Airlines could have one wish for Christmas what would it be? Probably a few more pilots.

Approximately 15,000 flights of US airline which were scheduled for the Christmas festive period do not have any assigned pilot. And all because of a computer error

The computer system of the company gave too many holiday to pilots between 17 and 31 December. That period is the most busy time for any airline in the year. Now the airline offers extra pilots to cancel their holiday plans.

A union based aviation in the United States called the incident “major crisis”. In a statement, American Airlines said: “We are working diligently to address the problem and hope to avoid cancellations in this holiday season.”

“We reserve pilots to help cover flights in December and we are paying one 150% of l salary per hour” to cover the gaps.

The Allied Pilots Association, which represents commercial pilots of American Airlines, said he had not yet heard from the managers of the company on how to solve the problem. “Basically, there is a crisis in American to manage the pilots , ” said Dennis Tajer Wednesday, a spokesman for the pilots.

The airline hopes to avoid having to cancel flights as well as being a nuisance for travelers, which could cost millions in lost revenue.

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